Hi Pamie- I saw that

Hi Pamie-

I saw that more libraries were added to your bookdrive, so I decided to send a couple more.  The San Marcos Branch Library will be receiving: 

Diary of a Worm
The Reptile Room (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 2)

I took my nieces to their public library this week for the first time and loved how their eyes lit up when they saw all the “free” books.  Every kid should havea great selection of library books to choose from.


352 Donations

I still have a few more donations to put on the list, but I have run out of time today.  Just a reminder that the contest is coming to a close this weekend.  Only two more days to win a free book!  It’d be great to break the 400 mark.  400 books in one month?  That’s something to be proud of.

I’m feeling much better these days.  Thanks to everyone for sending such kind words. 

Pamie –

As your book drive for San Diego County Library comes to a close, the community of Rancho San Diego wants to express its sincere thanks for your thoughtfulness and the generosity of your readers. The books we’ve been sent have built our collection up and provided more of what our customers want and need. If there is anyone still looking for the opportunity to contribute books to our library, the youth services list has been expanded to include several variations on Jack and the Beanstalk, as well as books on the Olympics, something we definitely need more of in this Olympics year!

We continue to be touched by the response to this drive. Thanks to everyone, far and wide!


Barbara Sutton
Youth Services Librarian
San Diego County Library
Rancho San Diego Branch
11555 Via Rancho San Diego
El Cajon, CA 92019

325 donations.

eleven and a half hours until my doctor’s appointment.
This ER rerun i’ve never seen before which seems like I was supposed to stay home tonight and update book donations.  We’re at 325.  And the letters from the librarians, as you can see, have been coming in all week.  It’s one of my favorite things about the book drive, hearing about the delivery guy and all of those boxes.  But that means we only got less than thirty donations over the past week.  There’s only nine days left to donate in order to be eligible for the book contest.
Words aren’t making as much sense right now, and the pain has subsided.  People love to talk about how to take Vicodin the right way, how you have to chase the dragon a little, taking the next one right before the pain sets in.  I think I got it right this time.  For the first time in twenty-four hours I’m not in pain. 
I’m dreading seeing the surgeon tomorrow.  I like her a lot, and she looks like Reba MacIntyre.  On Monday when she said I was all healed (did I already tell this story?  I’ve made a million posts tonight), I asked her what do I do if another one formed.  She got all serious and said, “Call me immediately and come in.  We’ll cut it open and see what’s going on.”
I’m hoping that’s some kind of surgeon figure of speech.
My producers on Why Girls Are Weird were nominated for a slew of Emmys today for their HBO movie.  I had a great time ordering them flowers. 
“What’s the occasion?” the florist asked.
“They got nominated for Emmys!” I cheered.
“That’s so exciting!” she said.  “What a fun reason to send flowers!”
Then we tried to figure out the most worthy bouquet.  It’s an honor just to be Emmy nominee-adjacent.

Hello, Pam. I hope you

Hello, Pam. I hope you and your wonderful readers are well.

We continue to be thrilled with the effects of the books drive. Today the Poway Library had a story time and children’s craft hour using only books we had received from the “pamie.com family”. It was a great program and a great turnout.

I wonder if I could bring the following branches to your attention. They have just managed to get their wish lists and profiles up.

Thanks for all your outstanding service to readers and libraries everywhere.

Betty Waznis
San Diego County Library

Casa de Oro Branch Library serves a diverse community in the shadow of Mt. Helix in eastern San Diego County. The library is a small neighborhood branch that has served the youth and adults of the community for more than 40 years.

Lincoln Acres Branch Library is unlike any other library you have seen before. Originally an old military barrack, Lincoln Acres first opened to the community on June 18, 1947. Only 800 square feet, this tiny and cozy library is the second smallest in the county. The Lincoln Acres Library has stood the test of time as in the late 90’s the county’s relocation project almost closed the library, but residents fought hard and successfully petitioned to keep it open. In the last 2 years, budget cutbacks have restricted the book budget. In spite of the economic hardships, the library staff has strived to provide adequate resources to its large Spanish speaking community living in an economically disadvantaged area.

Potrero Branch Library has existed since 1915 and recently moved into a new facility in this rural community. Located just miles from the Mexican border, the branch serves a 26 mile area with many bilingual residents. This branch has a small budget but many community needs.

San Marcos Branch Library. San Marcos is home to over 16,000 children and teens under 18 years old. We try to reach each and every one of these young people with books, videos, CDs and recorded books to help meet their homework and leisure reading needs. With your help, we can include items in our collection that we couldn’t afford otherwise. Thanks for helping to create a community of successful readers!

Letter From a Rancho Librarian


Words can not express the joy you have brought to our entire staff.  Whenever another package arrives we have a little party!  We are a new and growing branch that could use more books on many different subjects.  Your generous donations help us fill out our collection.  That makes our patrons very happy!  It has been amazing to watch donations pour in from all over the country.  Thank you for lifting our spirits with your generosity.

Brenna Ring
Branch Librarian
San Diego County Library
Rancho San Diego Branch

Letter From a Lemon Grove Librarian

Dear Pamie and Friends of the Cool Kids: 
The UPS guy is getting to know Lemon Grove Library really well;  every day we get more deliveries from Amazon!  It’s exciting opening the boxes to find the treasures inside.  The most successful donations have been the Lemony Snicket books – they are nearly all checked out already! 
Thanks for helping the children of Lemon Grove find some great books to read. 
Janet Gastil,
Youth Services Librarian
San Diego County Library,
Lemon Grove Branch


Here’s information and photographs for the

Here’s information and photographs for the different San Diego Library branches.
i’ve entered the trippy, head-spacey section of the Vicodin.  It makes me do dumb things, like type in italics and small print.  it makes me want to not update any more of these, but i need to because it’s been a week and you need to know that people are still helping and that the libraries still need help.  ow.  hey, this hurts, being me tonight.  ow. 

Letter From a Del Mar Branch Librarian


Thank you so much for helping us with the amazon.com wish list for San Diego County Libraries. 

We are receiving so many of the titles we hoped for from book lovers all around the country.  I spoke with the President of The Friends of the Del Mar Library, and the board will publish an article in their next newsletter, challenging the local community to contribute as generously as your readers have done

I’ll report back to you with the results later this year. 

Gretchen Schmidt,
Del Mar Branch