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  • Update at the Cool Kids Club

    There are letters from winners, letters from librarians, more donations, and… okay, that’s pretty much it. But that’s a lot! And we’re at 476 Donations! Here’s hoping we hit 500 this month. check it out.

  • San Diego Book Drive Contest Winners

    Due to the amazing response of over 450 donations in just one month, I added a bonus winner to the contest.  The four winners are:

  • Letter From a Rancho Librarian

    [readermail] Pamie – As your book drive for San Diego County Library comes to a close, the community of Rancho San Diego wants to express its sincere thanks for your thoughtfulness and the generosity of your readers. The books we’ve been sent have built our collection up and provided more of what our customers want […]

  • Letter From a San Marcos Librarian

    [readermail] Hi Pamie, My name is Katrina, and I am the Youth Services Librarian at the San Marcos Branch of the San Diego County Library. Thanks to your efforts in promoting SDCL’s Amazon wish lists, we are the lucky recipients of 18 books (so far)! Since our information was posted in your bookdrive blog, we […]

  • Letter From a Lakeside Branch Librarian

    [readermail] Dear Pamie, Many thanks to all of the people who have purchased books for the Lakeside Library. Best sellers, history, legal guides and reference books have come in from Washington, Texas, New York and even, London, England! Just the other day, I had a customer who needed a book on how to become a […]

  • Hi Pamie! I hope you’re

    [readermail] Hi Pamie! I hope you’re doing well. I received a letter today from the Beverly Public Library in Beverly, Massacusetts. I did an Amazon wishlist search for libraries in my area and Beverly. I was intrigued because Beverly is near Boston and the affluent cities of Cape Cod; how much help could they need […]

  • Hey Pam, Today I got

    [readermail] Hey Pam, Today I got the nicest card from Donna M. at the Vista Branch in Vista, CA. She thanked me for the four books I sent and asked if I’d like a bookplate with my name in them! She was also surprised that someone from the Midwest would take the time and effort […]

  • Letter From an Alpine Branch Librarian

    [readermail] Pamie, Thank you so much for connecting us to such generous people. We are so excited to see new books arrive and our customers are so grateful. You must be rewarded over and over again for all your good deeds! Thanks to all who have purchased books for the San Diego County Library system. […]

  • Letter From An El Cajon Librarian

    [readermail] This is so amazing! I’ve been reading your recaps and your website for a few years now, and I was just ordering your book for our library a few weeks ago when I got an email saying that you had chosen US for your book drive this year! I remember thinking what a great […]

  • Allie G Rules.

    [readermail] Hi Pamie Well, I just went crazy and sent a bunch of books to the Lincoln Acres Branch Library. I don’t know what happened – I started at their wishlist and it spiraled out from there. I kept thinking of one more book I had to send. Anyway here’s the list of what I […]