Austin, I Will See You Soon!

Posting my Austin Film Festival info here for those of you who I want to see, need to see, or hope to see next week. When I’m not at these places, I’m probably in the Driskill lobby, or wherever Chuy tells me to be. Austin, please get your breakfast tacos and Mexican Martinis all in a row because I have only so much time to eat and drink between these fun things: Continue reading

The Hardest Goodbye

I’ve been putting off writing this because I wanted some time to privately grieve, but also I knew if I got even a single kind word or condolence from you, I wouldn’t be able to handle all that has been going on. But now it’s time to write this down, as so many of you loved this cat over these long years.

Sweet Cal is gone. Continue reading

Updates on Cal

Giving a little Cal update, as he’s sleeping beside me right now on the couch.

After two inconclusive aspirations and a visit to the cardiologist, Cal is now on a tiny dose of daily beta-blockers because of a heart defect, and some occasional subcutaneous fluids to help with any dehydration due to his kidney issues. The mass is still unidentified, but he’s got so much going on with him at once, opening him up to find out what it is seems too risky at this point. He’s still playful and silly, but a little slower and sleepy due to his medication. Continue reading

here is a test | come try to break pamie dot com

Ever since the shiny new redesign, whenever I let you guys know I have a new post, we somehow succeed in crashing the server. The guys at the help desk are watching right now, so feel free to click a few things.

Like, did you know I have tags? You can read all my posts about roller derby, or Oprah or flip through the remarkably popular dork tag.

Or you can flip through the OCD-skilled archives, picking a month at random.

Whatever gets this site fixed so that I can update more frequently without losing visitors because I have no tolerance for the slow load. Continue reading

Purr Your Request

I’m not helping this “Crazy Cat Lady” thing any with this, but in my defense: you guys specifically asked for it.

Yesterday I posted a tweet at one point saying that you guys were lucky I have restraint and don’t make old-timey videos with my cat who lets me put him in various outfits. Immediately, you guys were like: “Please post immediately.”

So this is what I did. Many thanks to Cal, who is patient, even though you can tell he’d like me to go be busy doing something else.

they say pets make you live longer. ha.

Gross: Cal got coffee all over my table, laptop, purse and script.

Grosser: He did that by dipping his nasty-ass paws in my coffee and then flinging his feet around like he’s discovered a new medium with which to create his art.

Grossest: I learned this because when I just took a sip from my mug, I smelled kitty litter.

An Open Letter to My Cat.

Dear Cal,

Are we currently starring in some kind of romantic comedy together? Or are you planning on auditioning for a Will Ferrell movie or something? Because our time together lately, if montaged with a kicky Katrina and the Waves song in the background, looks like something Touchtone Pictures would proudly present.

Maybe you’re mad about the other night, when I moved in my sleep and it scared you so much you fell off the bed. Obviously I didn’t mean to wake up with such a start, but I probably shouldn’t have pointed at you and laughed. I don’t even know if my finger was anywhere near you, since it was so dark I couldn’t see anything. But if you could have heard what I heard — me gasping out of a nightmare, you gasping in a kitty sound, and then thunk-BUNK! — you would be pointing and laughing, too. Continue reading