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  • Virtual Book Tour date this week, plus Giveaway winners!

    Hello! This Thursday I’ll be on my laptop having a Q&A for YOU TAKE IT FROM HERE just for you! Shindig‘s hosting this event, where we’ll be in a giant video chat room together where I can answer your questions on a wide range of subjects, including my other books, writing advice, the odd private […]

  • Launch Party!

    Launch Party!

    Please come to the launch party for YOU TAKE IT FROM HERE. There will be books and fun.

  • book tour info: los angeles

    Tonight, 7:30. Barnes and Noble at The Grove, I’ll be reading from Why Moms Are Weird, answering questions and handing out gifts. Special guests AB Chao and something shiny. [And thank you, Evany, for making these readings sound super-sexy. (By the way, her book makes a very romantic gift.)]

  • Reminder:

    Friday, September 22nd, I’ll be reading and signing books with my name on them at The Grove’s Barnes & Noble at 7:30. But I know you’ll really be making the journey out there to see the effortless charm and southern-sharp wit of lady AB Chao, my special guest.

  • postcards from topeka

    I woke up this morning with the joke I should have fit into last night’s late-night blog about Dr. Inappropriate. (“Less Talkin’, More Doc’in.“) Meghan has posted parts of our Topeka pre-reading podcast. I’m just going to do myself a favor and not listen. But you can. She had to cut the coffee-fueled dirty parts […]

  • In Why Moms Are Weird info…

    until I have time to write a proper entry… U-Wire calls it an “eccentric read.” I’m not sure what that means.

  • See?


    Look how important it is to me that I sign his boots the right way. Look at the tension in my free hand saying, “This man is going to see what I wrote every time he looks down. I’d better make it count.” I signed them, “Keep asking questions.” But judging from his Q&A personality, […]

  • Hello, Bay Area!

    Tomorrow morning I’ll be getting up early to drive to lovely, lovely San Francisco. Won’t you please come join me at Borders? 400 Post Street San Francisco, CA Phone:415.399.1633 7pm In Topeka over the weekend, I signed a pair of work boots. The man took off his shoes and had me sign the tops of […]

  • goodnight, topeka.

    I am now, officially, sick of myself. Podcast and video clips will be posted on the Topeka website in a few days. But it’s very different from the last time I went on a book tour. This time, there’s You Tube. LN James found me in the bathroom, and asked if I’d shoot some video […]

  • oh, no.

    oh, no.

    The dangers of my Topeka hotel: And new to the list, after the final round of allergy scratch tests: pollens, or Why California Is Killing Me: California Black Walnut Olive Tree Cottonwood Bermuda Grass Maple Cypress (like you wouldn’t believe. my arm was livid!) Ash Willow Brome grass Alkali rye grass Perennial rye grass Kentucky […]