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  • Mother on the Orient Express: Part Five (The Train)

    Mother on the Orient Express: Part Five (The Train)

    We only had one night on the Orient Express. You could go longer. You could start in Rome and have two nights on the train (and if I could do this again, and had much more money, this would be it.)

  • anxiety

    Mom just brought me a chewable calcium supplement. Two, actually. “One for later,” she said, because Jason told her that Dr. Oz said somewhere that we can only absorb so much calcium at one time, so we need to take it in two doses. I am terrible at remembering to take vitamins, but I’m even […]

  • Why Girls Are Weird By the Numbers

    Amazon has added a brand new evil feature. Now you can find out how many letters, words and characters are in the pages of Why Girls Are Weird. You can find out how many “complex words” I used (6%). You can find out what grade education is needed to understand the book (4.8). Sorry, third […]

  • up in aspen

    In the corner of this condo, by the couches, we have found wireless. I do not recommend trying to carry a stack of wood and two bags of groceries five blocks, in the snow, in the dark, by yourself. What seemed like a good idea last night became one of the dumbest things I’ve ever […]

  • I wanna lick-lick-lick-lick you from your head to your toes

    Taylor is a weird cat. Always has been. He’s strangely anti-social, but then will hang out in a room and stare at everyone. He likes to eat carpeting, wool, and thick blanketing. He doesn’t like to eat food if someone’s watching him. He waits until everyone goes to bed before settling into his bowl. I’m […]

  • Wedding Week Update #1

    I burned my arm making dinner last night. Just a small burn, one I’ll be able to cover up with makeup, but I knew it was going to happen. I’ve smacked my hands into just about everything over the past couple of days, and now two of my knuckles are skinned, including my left ringfinger. […]

  • 2004

    I don’t imagine I’ll have that much time to update here over the next week. People start arriving as early as tonight. So if I don’t check in again, here’s my year-end wrap-up: Wow.

  • Virtual Book Tour: Devil in the Details: Scenes From an Obsessive Girlhood, by Jennifer Traig

    Virtual Book Tour: Devil in the Details: Scenes From an Obsessive Girlhood, by Jennifer Traig

    pamie.com is thrilled to be a part of Virtual Book Tour once again. This time it’s Jennifer Traig’s hilarious Devil in the Details : Scenes From an Obsessive Girlhood. She promises me that the copy of the book I received had a binding issue, and wasn’t intentionally off-center by one centimeter. The three borderline obsessive-compulsives […]

  • so early, so late

    You don’t have to check the time of this post. I’ll tell you. It’s four in the morning. I’ve learned an important lesson. When you decide to drink more Diet Coke than you have in about a year, it’s best not to do it at eleven at night. I’ve been trying to fall asleep for […]

  • work in progress

    I’m trying to work on a novella to meet my deadline (More info when available, but the anthology should be hitting bookshelves this June!) and decided listening to the new Bjork album for the first time would get me in the right mood to type up edits and rework certain paragraphs. Track Three has me […]