I write a lot. (Sometimes it gets weird.)

I have written a bunch of comics and novels, and on this site I used to write a lot about roller derby, cats, and the crazy-making world of working as a writer. That’s why you might know me as that lady who wrote about Barbie wanting to be a Computer Engineer. Or perhaps you know me as the one who had that one terrible pre-natal massage that turned me into an urban legend.

My most wonderfully nerdy claim to fame is being listed in the OED under “Muffin Top.” (Not as a physical example.)

Perhaps you’re old-school-on-the-Internet enough to remember me as the one who got Anne Heche internationally angry when I did a parody show of her autobiography.

I started pamie.com in 1998, and while I did an admirable job of keeping this place updated regularly, once I had a kid plus a writing career, my time for blogging diminished considerably. I am grateful for this space and the relationships that formed from here. I used to run the Dewey Donation System with the wonderful David T. Cole, but when we stopped having time to surprise libraries with books Dave deleted the whole thing because he’ll never understand my need to hoard the internet.

Today I often write in feature animation while juggling various tv, film and book projects I hope will one day see the light. I so rarely get to talk about them because of contracts, which is why I like doing panels, festivals, podcasts, coffee meetings… basically any place where I’m asked to sit down and talk too much.

You can also find me on Twitter.

31 thoughts on “I write a lot. (Sometimes it gets weird.)

  1. I recently found a tiny hand (albeit plastic) at the fair in a vendor booth and I grabbed it and was all “can I have this??!!” They probably thought I was crazy, but I had this flashback from your tiny wooden hand post from years ago and was swamped with nostalgia. You were the first “blogger” I ever read, and i can’t believe my sister found you! After I jogged her memory of course! Today is a good day! :) thank you for the continued laughs!

  2. So, so happy to find you! What with the world just now “discovering” Gilmore Girls and all, I couldn’t help but remember your excellent, funny writing and wonder what you were up to. Yay, me!

  3. I almost drove off the road when they announced you as the Special Guest on “Gilmore Guys”! It was probably the best podcast they have done. You are just as smart and funny as back in the TWOP Recaps. Thank you for making me laugh today.

    1. Thank you! I had a blast on that show.

      And I couldn’t believe how the memories flooded in as soon as I heard the theme song. I spent some formative years writing about those girls.

      (Please watch the road.)

  4. I’m old school. I keep checking back. I enjoy the stories, humor and perspectives. I’ve rallied for your causes and reveled in your celebrations of life, love, work and play.

    Keep hoarding the internet and reporting it all.

    I think there’s a bunch of us standing by.

  5. Okay Pamie, If you check out your reviews (which I totally would if I had any) then please check out my review of “Going in Circles” that appears on Scribd’s. God is it great! Ummm your book, not my review. Well actually my review was pretty kickass – right before I either got cut off or cut myself off (I type mostly on a Kindle Fire so please cut me some slack) I quite simply loved the book, I am a huge fan (noooo I am NOT fat thank you) of Roller Derby and as I mentioned I am a back door relative of Heidi (Dr. No No) Hendrickson of European Women’s Roller Derby fame. I’m also on Hospice – so I better write this quick (ha ha a little Hospice Humor). Anyway thats what brought me to your book – not the whole “well hell i’m dying maybe this will make my lif SEEM longer thing. But that I promised myself not to read any “crap” anymore. Your book was not crap Pamie. Actually I am a struggling author myself. I know isn’t freaking everyone? Well I did publish an exciting piece on network cabling awhile back, so there’s that. Anyway I only mentioned the writing so that if you ever get feeling sorry for your poor five books published ass you can skip getting sloppy drunk (again!) And tell yourself “Well at least I’m not that freaking dying guy who hasn’t published dick!” (I’m hoping that this is how you talk while sloopy drunk – but I am just guessing) Really, I loved this one and your ability to put together such wonderful paragraphs and pages is amazing. Please forgive me for stealing a few of them as I can’t put together much in the way of good writing at all. You are a true talent and I wish you tons of success (not that you need it) So if you were scheduled to die before Christmas (God that is sad – i’ve never written it before!!! ) what would you recommend I read next??? You can answer me on my super secret email address. I can give you my Nurses and Heartland Hospices numbers and stuff so you will know I’m real and not some si k bastard telling you this stuff.

    Thanks Pamie – you rock!!!!!


  6. I just saw a commercial for Mike Rowe’s show with you in it! One of my derby sisters posted it on our team page. I got all nostalgic and excited and had to come check this page. I’ve been following you since 1998 and I’m so happy to hear you’re doing well!

  7. I’ve been following you since the days of Squishy and it’s crazy fun (and nostalgic) seeing your face or name in my feed. Oh for the days of the forum! Thanks to you and Squishy, I “met” some wonderful folks from around the world. You’re one of the best writers I know and the fact that I have an actual Christmas card from you just makes it that much cooler.

  8. Five months after the fact that you posted this, but it’s nice to know you’re still around. I first found your writing when the recaps of “Young Americans” were going up on MBTV/TWoP (Summer 2001, I think?). Your take on the sheer absurdity of it all (there’s no better way to describe the weirdness of a guy who’s in love with a girl who’s dressed like a guy, and he’s weirded out by that, until he realizes that it’s “okay” because she’s actually a girl than “The Steel Drums of Non-Gay Love”).

    Like just about every other TWoP writer, I enjoyed following you on your own site once I’d learned it existed. We actually exchanged a couple of emails during the Writers’ Strike of 2008. I doubt you remember them in particular–my sole contribution to this site was that you’d copied and pasted one of my messages of encouragement to keep fighting the good fight into one of your voluminous entries of collections of correspondence to that effect.

    Of course you posting here on a regular basis couldn’t last forever. At some point, living life gets in the way of writing about it. I just read the post that preceded this one, and I’m stunned that Qwerty (I don’t think you’ve ever posted her actual name) is (probably) now 3 years old, since I still remember the months leading up to her even being here, thanks to your wry, eloquent posts on the experience.

    So, even though there are no more regular updates (or perhaps because there are no more regular updates), thank you for 17 years(!) of baring your soul in the way you have. There are readers and libraries all the richer for you having done so.

  9. I was a regular reader of your blog back in the old days. I think we may have even exchanged a couple of emails. I just watched Moana this afternoon and saw your name in the credits and got so excited! I just had to come by and say congratulations! You really have come a long way.

  10. For me, pamie.com is that place on the internet that feels like the house I grew up in. I’ve been a fan of yours since we were all squishies in 1999. I found you from googling “How to skip your period on the pill” and have never looked back. Thank you for still being here! Your cat-mom friend from afar, -Jenny

  11. Do you still have the text of your review of Lady Marmalade that was posted to MightyBigTV.com back in 2001? (https://pamie.com/2001/05/ai-ya/) I remember reading that years ago and laughed myself to tears. The Internet Archive only has the first four pages. I’d love to be able to read that again somewhere… here maybe?

    1. Amazing. I do not remember this recap. But I am good at Google. Enjoy!

      Bitches and Kitsches
      Lady Marmalade from the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack – What happens when you put together four big divas, an old disco song, and a few leftover costumes and sets from a much-delayed movie? You get tons of hair extensions, oodles of attitude, and more pussy shots than tequila night at Gamma Delta Omega.
      Rating: A


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