I write a lot. (Sometimes it gets weird.)

I have written a bunch of comics and novels, and on this site I used to write a lot about roller derby, cats, and the crazy-making world of working as a writer. That’s why you might know me as that lady who wrote about Barbie wanting to be a Computer Engineer. Or perhaps you know me as the one who had that one terrible pre-natal massage that turned me into an urban legend.

My most wonderfully nerdy claim to fame is being listed in the OED under “Muffin Top.” (Not as a physical example.)

Perhaps you’re old-school-on-the-Internet enough to remember me as the one who got Anne Heche internationally angry when I did a parody show of her autobiography.

I started pamie.com in 1998, and while I did an admirable job of keeping this place updated regularly, once I had a kid plus a writing career, my time for blogging diminished considerably. I am grateful for this space and the relationships that formed from here. I used to run the Dewey Donation System with the wonderful David T. Cole, but when we stopped having time to surprise libraries with books Dave deleted the whole thing because he’ll never understand my need to hoard the internet.

Today I often write in feature animation while juggling various tv, film and book projects I hope will one day see the light. I so rarely get to talk about them because of contracts, which is why I like doing panels, festivals, podcasts, coffee meetings… basically any place where I’m asked to sit down and talk too much.

You can also find me on Twitter.