Pictures of Cats and Sunsets

I’ve had a few deadlines in a row lately, which makes me neglect this space. I feel guilty about it, I promise you. I’ve had “Write up the Orient Express stories” on my to-do list since we got back… was that September? Anyway, I find that when I’m inspired to jot something quickly over here, […]

books and cats (cliched journaling entry #325)

It’s been rather monotonous here. I’m writing, I’m reading, I’m working. Doesn’t make for much of a journal entry, but I don’t want you to think that I’ve forgotten you. So, I figured to appease you and to clear my conscience, I’ll just blah-blah on about how droll things are, and whenever you’re about to […]

“I have sixty-two cats.”

if you ever hear me say that, please talk to me. I went home sick yesterday and promptly slept all afternoon. I guess that explains part of my crankiness. The down side? Not much happened yesterday. I was pretty much sleeping the whole time. Took Leaky Cat to the vet. They gave us pills and […]

with two cats in the yard

I’m not a crazy cat lady. I’m not. Now that we’re past that, it’s time for me to tell you about my cats. I think it’s important to tell you about them so that you understand a little bit about my home life, and that when I say my house feels crowded sometimes, you know […]

I write a lot. (Sometimes it gets weird.)

I have written a bunch of comics and novels, and on this site I used to write a lot about roller derby, cats, and the crazy-making world of working as a writer. That’s why you might know me as that lady who wrote about Barbie wanting to be a Computer Engineer. Or perhaps you know me […]

The Hardest Goodbye

I’ve been putting off writing this because I wanted some time to privately grieve, but also I knew if I got even a single kind word or condolence from you, I wouldn’t be able to handle all that has been going on. But now it’s time to write this down, as so many of you […]

Updates on Cal

Giving a little Cal update, as he’s sleeping beside me right now on the couch. After two inconclusive aspirations and a visit to the cardiologist, Cal is now on a tiny dose of daily beta-blockers because of a heart defect, and some occasional subcutaneous fluids to help with any dehydration due to his kidney issues. […]

Our Friend Cal

Man, there are sentences you never imagine you’ll find yourself saying, and one of them is, “Yes, I need the number of the cardiologist you recommended for my cat?”


More words! Here are some anthologies where you can find me, as well as a list of the shows I’ve worked on and the scripts that sit around me in piles. Television 2011 WGA Writers Access Project Honoree — Romantically Challenged — Consultant Samantha Who? — Executive Story Editor. Produced episodes: “Help!” “The Dog”. […]

Goodbye, sweet kitty.

From the best I can tell, the only reason a girl turns thirty-five is so the cat she’s had since college can pass away. It’s happened to too many friends of mine this year, and now I guess it’s my turn.