I Just Overheard the Most Amazing Monologue By This Drunk Lady

“You don’t know about Pinterest? You don’t know about PINTEREST?!


PINterest. It’s on the Internet. It’s like, the most, the most, THE most amazingly successful website…EVER. Something like the fastest, hundred million, it’s like– do you know Facebook? Like TEN times that. Yeah.

It’s all about beautiful things and style.

Okay, what happens is like I see a picture or something I like. And I pin it. I pin it. ‘Pin.’ I pin it and then other people like it too, so they pin it. And then other people pin it. And then some are like ‘like.’

I’ve never been on Pinterest, but that is my understanding of it.”

11 thoughts on “I Just Overheard the Most Amazing Monologue By This Drunk Lady

  1. It’s like dog-earing a virtual page in a virtual catalog of stuff and then telling people you dog-eared it. And then they get excited and want what you want. What am I missing?

  2. I feel like I’m using it wrong because I use it for image boards for my scripts.

    Which ends up showing a whole bunch of people that I’m thinking about ambulatory roadkill, dentist chairs, and robots.

    Oh well.

  3. I do not use pinterest and have no deirse to do so. However I have been wondering recently if any of my photos ever make there way there. I have no real objections but I would expect credit and also would expect the pinner to have the courtesy to let me know they have used my work! Somehow I doubt that is happening much for anyone. :(

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