Two Places to Find Me

Southland-area peeps! I’ll be at this weekend’s LA Times Festival of Books!

Bovard Auditorium
3:00 pm
The Nerds Shall Inherit the Earth. (Panel 2093)
Maureen Johnson
Pamela Ribon
John Scalzi
Interviewer: Amber Benson

I love that this panel is coming right after the conversation with Anne Rice. I’m always next to her on bookshelves, so why not get slotted right next to her at a festival for books?

I’m extremely excited about my panel this year, and look forward to out-dorking myself. For those of you who remember the SE Hinton situation, you know I’ve set that bar pretty darn high.


I was the host of this past week’s Tonncast. Every week the Tonncast has a different host with very special guest Todd Robert Anderson.

The Tonncast with your host Pamela Ribon (Episode Twenty-two)

Celebrated novelist, screenwriter and blogger Pamela Ribon has a man in her house. His name is very special guest Todd Robert Anderson. He is terrifying. In an effort to distract the man invading her home, she asks him questions about anything she can think of, from zombie outbreaks to bizarre sex acts. This is not a podcast. It is a cry for help. THERE IS A MAN IN HER HOUSE! (Music by accessory after the fact, Adam Blau.)

Get the hour of NSFW fun here.

Okay, that’s it. I’m up early because I’ve got a pitch in a few hours, so now I’m going to lock myself into a small room and walk around talking like I’m trying to place in Dramatic Interp at District this afternoon.

(That was a shout-out to my fellow UIL Speech and Debate nerds. (PS: I won first prize that year. I’d crafted my monologue from the book “Sybil.” Yes, I was a lot to handle when I was seventeen, thanks for asking.))

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  1. Infinite Pest

    I just read your S.E. Hinton story with so much tension in my shoulders…I was the bookseller for that and we didn’t order enough (BY A LONGSHOT). I will tell you my S.E. Hinton fans nearly killed me at the Festival of Books one year story when I see you next…It ends badly.