Jollibee and My Mother Are On a Break

In case you were driving to work today wondering, “Does pamie still get hate mail from angry Jollibee lovers?” The answer is yes. Usually one a week or so, for the past year and a half.

Here’s the latest.

[readermail]hey loser. giving your rude comments about jollibee? well then, think again. youre insulting filipinos in general. lemme remind you that being american doesnt make you any more special than us, filipinos.

allow me to quote you ignorant bitch
“Pam: You know, if I were at Taco Bell, and a group of Filipino girls came in, sat down next to me with a tray filled with shit, and started screeching and taking pictures? I’d be like, “I know! And we still eat it! It’s called a ‘Chalupa,’ and we still put it in our mouths!””

why use filipino girls as an example of your bitching? holy shit. youre so lame. and stop acting like a supreme goddess. you know what? im gonna let you know a little secret… you look like dung compared to any filipinas i know. yep. thats true.. take my word for it.

well i think youre not just an ugly american. you are the WORST american.
You do nothing but discriminate filipinos and make your self appear mighty.
well, jollibee is MY country’s PRIME fast food. We love it. We embrace it. We dont think it tastes like shit. I think the food given to you were dung infested. I mean, if i were the waiter, i probably wouldve put a lot of cow shit on your meal. yep. honestly. with all conviction.

and i have to agree with one of your bashers. WELL AT LEAST FILIPINOS ARE KNOWN TO BE CLEAN. we bathe a lot. unlike you americans who bathe like, 5 years of interval. if you can’t be clean at all with yourselves, i wonder how you fools can be clean with the food you eat. and oh, all you have is boxed pasta, which tastes like diarrhea. eeeww much. well then, next time you label my race and the food we eat, think about yours and how disgusting you are. would you believe i can actually smell you here, foul stench (how more redundant could that be?)[/readermail]

I really had no idea how much Americans were considered non-bathers before Jabygate. Where does this stereotype come from?

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