dan needs tech support

We’ve been having way too much fun around here. So now, I present unto you, the most boring blog entry of all time, ever.

I have two error messages pop up every time I turn on my computer. They may be the result of a Zone Alarm update that crashed in the middle and forced me to remove ZA (which I haven’t reinstalled yet and I know I know I KNOW I need to reinstall) because I was unable to access the internet (or anything else) after the aborted update.

Okay. Here’s what I get on start-up:

One error message reads across the top:


And then the warning reads:

Error loading C:Program FilesWild TangentAppsCDAcdaengine0400.dll

And then, below that:

The specified module could not be found

And then, milliseconds after that one, another message pops up, which reads across the top the far more foreboding:

avgcc32.exe – Application Error

In the window proper, it reads:

The instruction at “0x5f4012al” referenced memory at “0x00000004”. The memory could not be “read”.

A period outside of the quotes? Go back to England, error message!

And then:

Click on OK to terminate the program.

I click on OK for both of them and then everything works fine. So what am I complaining about? Well, I’m afraid. Please help. I’ve run every virus check. Every kind of check in the world. I’ve defragged. I’ve prayed to the higher power. The messages remain.

I hope I didn’t just give y’all my credit card number or anything.

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