Okay, so this one isn’t about fighting AIDS or saving babies…

…but it does help out… me.

I’ve been working with a few producers and one director on a pitch. We’re hoping to get to adapt a non-fiction book that came out this year. We’ve got people interested, and the pitch is just about finished, but one of the things we’re doing is putting together a visual presentation to show right before I launch into Ten Minutes of Greatness. This is something the director is putting together to show the tone of the film.

She needs a few ideas, and that’s something you guys are always good with. And isn’t it fun being a part of the Hollywood Machine? You’re getting paid just as much as we all are for this part of the process.

Here’s what Liz wrote:

Hey! How are you? Hopefully this finds you well & not totally exhausted [As you can see, Liz doesn’t know about the staph — pamie]…anyway – I was just emailing you to bug you about movie references for the “visual aid” that I am putting together for our pitch. I know you had mentioned that you might be able to post something on your website…anyway – the montage I am making is coming along well, but I am just constantly looking for more material to make it better. In particular I am looking for footage of (some of this is painfully obvious): bored looking girl, victorious girl, girl or group of friends singing along to music in car, radio station footage, people being chased (paranoid looking in rear view mirror), girl fighting with guy, helicopters descending, girl climbing building, car chase footage w/ female driver, anything w/ “on-air” sign….and anything else you think might be cool.

I know that this is a little specific – but I feel like I am good on some of the other footage that we need. Sorry to bug you – I know that you have a fairly encyclopedic knowledge of movies, though.

Talk to you soon. Thanks in advance!

Xx Liz

I sent her a bunch, but I don’t want to influence your answers. I told Liz to check back here on the site so feel free to go crazy.

And an update on the Oxygen show: We put together a pilot and a sample episode, as well as some extra material. We pitched and turned it in. Now comes the waiting. Hopefully we’ll know something in the next couple of weeks. Thanks to everybody for helping out when I had a question about girl behavior. We’ll see what happens.

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