Maybe You’re Looking To Do Something Incredibly Huge This Year…

From my friend Cori:

Okay guys, this request is not for the faint of spirit. I’m looking for two people to escort two babies – both 13 months old – from either London or Kampala, Uganda to the east coast of the US, where they have been granted free surgery. One baby has cerebral palsy and the other has no head control & is asthmatic.

The babies are travelling on donated tickets, but the escorts will have to
pay their own way, roundtrip to London. I haven’t checked into ticket prices yet.

Here’s the deal: this will save their lives. Some of you may remember when I was looking for an escort to bring a cleft palate baby from Paris (originating in Burkina Faso) but unfortunately we didn’t find anyone quickly enough and the little girl didn’t make it (starvation is common in
cleft palate babies).

I want to have a happy ending here to report back on to you guys :) so please forward this email to as many people as possible.

Making this short but intense trip will change your life.



Feel free to pass this one on to someone you know who might be in a position to help.

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