Do You Live in San Diego?

From Kat:

I’ve noticed your recent helping entries and was wondering if I can ask a
favor as well. I’m not sure how large your following is in San Diego county, but a friend of mine needs some help. She is 23 years old and is suffering from kidney failure. Right now they are doing blood transfusions, dialysis, and platelet something or others to give her kidneys a break until they start back up on their own (with any luck). If this doesn’t work after one more month she will be put on a list for a donor. The problem is her blood bank is low and can use some help. She is an A pos blood type (so she can take A pos or neg or O if I remember correctly). Her name is Sarah Burns and if anybody wants to help out, they can go to any San Diego Blood bank and give them her name.
(for more info).

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