So it’s Friday…

And you’d really like to get out of work and start your weekend. You already know the book you’d like to read, or the movie you’re gonna go see, or the meal you want to make. You’ve got a sweet little weekend all planned out.

Maybe some gardening.

Maybe not.

You’re antsy. You even dressed up a little nicer today because you were feeling good. Hey, nice waistline, you. That new exercise ball is really helping your abs.

And what is that incredible smell? I do believe it’s you, baby.

Time is just inching by, though, because you know you’re way too fabulous for this bullshit up in here. You’re so fabulous, you’re like, Ghetto Fabulous.

You know who else thinks he’s Ghetto Fabulous?


Aw, shit. He know he’s Ghetto Fabulous. And he wants you to tell him so. Right here.

And just like that, your Friday’s gonna breeze by.

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