Crazy Cat Lady Asks for Advice

Okay, it’s a start. New year, new look. I’m just going to ignore all the ugly Sitemeter boxes in the past entries. Never look back! I’m also having a wraparound problem on the main page, but I’m tired of searching Blogger archives to try to solve it.

Of course, I’ve done all this work and now I have nothing interesting to write about. While the world is watching the Super Bowl, I’ll be working on a script.

Um… yeah.


I got nothin’.

Okay, so I’ll let you give me advice, as that’s something you often like to do.

It’s past time for Taylor, Cal and Olive to get their vet checkups. Here’s the thing. They never, ever, ever leave the house. And the last time we took Taylor he freaked out so hardcore that I am dreading taking him again. He’s never freaked out like that before or since, and that particular vet said they wouldn’t see him again unless I sedated him before the visit. I don’t want to put the cats through unnecessary trauma. If your cats never leave the house, do they really need rabies shots every year? Is teeth-cleaning a scam? Does Taylor need a wellness report as he’s now nine years old? I know you’ll tell me what you think.

Currently Reading:

  • In the Spirit of Happiness: A Book of Spiritual Wisdom, by The Monks of New Skete. Every once in a while I’ll think to myself, “This book sure is Christian.”
  • Debt Free By 30: Practical Advice for the Young, Broke and Upwardly Mobile, by Jason Anthony and Karl Cluck. Thus the redesign, as I cut out my $10/month SiteMeter subscription. And yesterday I attempted to consolidate my high-interest credit cards onto one that I can pay off by this time next year. I will do it! I can do it! Like the other day when we went bowling, I didn’t order a Diet Coke, but instead had water. Saved five bucks and was better for my teeth! Pretty and debt-free! Huzzah! (I miss spending money without guilt. I miss money.)

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