Meet Dan

I decided my blog needed a sidekick. Actually, I’m not sure who decided. It may have been Dan’s brilliant plan. Huh. Welcome to the world’s longest continuing conversation.

Regardless, welcome Dan. Post often. Perhaps you should give some kind of introduction that’s less pamie-centric so people know more about you.

In other news: some of you still can’t see the blog, which is frustrating, which may be due to SiteMeter, which is also frustrating.

In other, other news, I finished the draft of Unfinished Script From Hell. I celebrate today by proofing the sixth draft of Contest Script Close To My Heart, and working on Television Pilot That I’ll Never Sell But I’ll Try Because That’s What I’m Supposed To Do.

And maybe I should update the journal, because the only people who have found the blog so far are the ones who enter through the index page or who read Damn Hell Ass Kings.

Uh, yeah, I just wrote out my to-do list on my blog. What’s it to you?

I’m sorry the last journal entry made so many of you think that I was recently married. It’s “Recently Married People Like Me.” Not “Recently Married People Like Me.”

I promise to tell you if I ever get married.

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