hacker with a password

Look at me! I’m famous on the Pamie Internet Show!

I told Pamie that the sole purpose of her website was, from this point forward, to finally illustrate to the masses the difference between a journal and a blog. It is her public service. It is her Peace Corps assignment. As a reward for clarifying Squishy 3.0’s mission statement, I was rewarded with a blog password. You have no idea how much it rocks. Look at me! Me me me me me! Once more, I’m famous in that way where I’m totally famous except for the part where anyone knows who I am. But still, this is a step up. If she’s Pamie and we’re not, I’m at least Pamie Lite to her Pamie Ultras. Mmmmm…cigarettes.

To that end, I promise that I won’t use my posting privileges to tell you mundane stories about MY life, as that’s not why you’ve come here. This isn’t about me. I’m here to support Pamie. I’m the Andy to her Conan. The non-piano-playing-Paul to her Dave. The all-of-O-Town to her Diane Warren.

Oh, and this morning I spilled a leaky cup of coffee all over myself. But that’s a story for another day.

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