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I made a huge mistake in launching a Pop Culture School right before leaving on my two-week book tour. I realize that now. But luckily most of you are either fully cultured, or are too scared to reach out to help. This means I’ve gotten very few questions. I’m just going to answer all of them right here and now.

I’ll have a computer on the road, so I’m sure I’ll update over the next couple of weeks, but I don’t know how sporadic it might be. Yay, book tour. Please come see me if you’re in the area. I promise it’ll be worth your time. Ask Katie and Kim and kage.

Okay, here we go.

Why did we feel the need to wear two pairs of socks at one time, preferably one being neon colored? I mean, this crap is keeping me up at night!

I also wore the two layered socks. In my case, it was me breaking away from legwarmers, easing down to slouch socks. I think we thought having thick ankles made for skinnier calves. We were still trying to get that mini-skirt to pencil leg, to thick socks with big giant Reebok tennis shoes look down. And the neon colored attracted attention to your hard-earned Reeboks. That’s the best I can figure.

… can you please explain the fab that was parachute pants? I never understood that one at all.

I’m a little stumped on this one myself. Maybe this site can help, as it offers a link to the Parachute Pants Fan Club. These people are still out there, still ruining it for everyone.

It seems we spent a lot of time in the Eighties thinking that layering and bulking up showed off all the hard work you did jazzercizing your ass off. We know now that it’s best to just not wear pants at all, pulling them all the way down to the tip of your vagina. Thanks, Britney, for making me look like a prude because my jeans have room for a zipper in front.

And this site helps try to explain the dangers of Parachute Pants.

What’s the deal with The Princess Bride, anyway? It’s not funny like Legally Blonde, nor is it cute like 10 Things I Hate About You. And why is everyone oooh-ing about that Fred Savage guy being so young?

Hear that? That’s the sound of the Gasp and Thud Heard ‘Round the World.

Look. You can’t mess with The Princess Bride. We just love it. We love every goofy, silly, romantic second of it. We’d never seen anything cuter than Wesley before the goatee, and nothing sexier than when he stood up from that bed and threatened, “Drop. Your. Sword.” It’s perfect. And the book is just as wonderful. Back off. Go to college! Get someone to teach you something.

Fabric headbands? What gives?

Um. I kinda still wear them. Alice bands, named after Alice in Wonderland. In the Eighties, you might have seen these on men who were in hair bands, holding back their lion’s mane of Aqua Netted wonder. But I’m totally old school with mine: I cut the short-sleeves off of old t-shirts and put them on my head. Instant headband! Yes, I’m both a pop culture school and an arts and crafts class. Look out, Martha.

I’ve heard that you 80s children had a whole bunch of really lame-sounding toys. PogoBall? Skip-it? Cabbage-Patch something?

You’re making fun of me, aren’t you? See right side-bar for Garbage Pail Kids info. Otherwise, your question? I think I’ll Skip-It.

Family Ties, Growing Pains, Doogie Howser and Full House. I know that Leo was on one of them. Which? And what’s the difference? Why couldn’t you just watch The Simpsons for your half-hour of family tv?

I know it seems like The Simpsons have been on as long as you’ve been alive. That’s because they have. But we didn’t always have the option.

  • Family Ties— Starring Michael J. Fox, Justine Bateman (she’s the one on that Eric Stoltz and “guy from Fargo” show on Showtime about the screenwriter? She’s the one with the incredibly large boobs that she must have recently purchased.), Tina Yothers (yes, that’s why you’ve heard that name on South Park), Michael Gross (the dude from Tremors), and Meredith Baxter-Birney (mostly known for sliding to her kitchen floor with food falling out of her mouth when she played a bulemic in a Lifetime movie). It’s set in Ohio, with hippie parents raising three kids — and one’s a Republican! When you grow up and get your own family sitcom, it’ll be about two reformed goth kids raising Christian youth. Theme song ends: “Sha-la-la-laaaaaah.”
  • Growing Pains — Gave the world Kirk Cameron and not much else. But this is the one Leo was on. Unleashed a character named “Boner,” which I think paved the way for Married…With Children. Also has a kick-ass theme song.
  • Doogie Howser, MD. Please don’t forget the “MD,” people. Gave us Neil Patrick Harris and some hot girl every boy I liked was in love with. Was the inspiration for online journalling.
  • Full House. Oh, whatever. You were totally alive during this show’s run and everybody on the show is still working, aside from Dave “Alanis hates me” Coulier, who now does prank shows on Animal Planet.

Next question.

You know, “Sixteen Candles,” right? Jake Ryan was really hot, huh? Who was that guy and is he in any other movies?

He’s Michael Schoeffling, and I’m sorry you don’t remember him in Mermaids.

Being born in 1981, I don’t have the greatest recollection of stuff that happened in the early ’80s. Yet one sitcom in the *late* ’80s has been wiped from my memory (that, or I never watched it to begin with). I keep hearing this sitcom being thrown around called “I Married Dora”. All I know is that they announced their cancellation in the final episode (great move, I must say). What was the plot of this show, and who, if any, now-notable people were in it?

Also, what happened to the coifs of the cast of “Happy Days” after Ron Howard left? You’ve got ’60s songs and ’80s hair. It just doesn’t add up.

These are both very good questions. As for “Happy Days,” I can only assume that everybody was trying to get cast in other things and updated their looks and refused to look like they were still on “Happy Days.”

I must confess, I never saw I Married Dora. It was about a guy who married his housekeeper to keep her in the country. I remember everyone loving Elizabeth Pena, though. And check it: Juliette Lewis was in it, too! Jump the Shark does a pretty good explaining it, but I think the show got famous for going out with a bang. That’s pretty damn funny.

Who is Pia Zadora? I obsessively watch “I Love the 80’s”, even though I was only alive for the second half of it, and they’ve mentioned her, but not explained who she is (other than that she’s a “babe”). What am I missing here? Is she an actress or something?

I love how defensive everybody is about not knowing something. I get the same way.

It’s best not to spend too much time on Pia unless you want to. And if you want to, go here.

Holy crap. You were only alive for the second half of the Eighties?

I have to go lie down and cry.

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