I don’t even know what this means, but right now my Amazon sales rank is 531. I’m sure it’s from the pre-ordering today and tomorrow it’ll be down to 109,854, but it feels pretty cool to be so close to the top 500 of Amazon. Thanks, you guys, for being so supportive. Your excited emails are making this all start to feel like it’s actually happening. Over the past year it’s felt so far away and impossible that it’s hard to realize that it’s actually happening.

It’s a very exciting time in my life, because everybody’s doing really well right now. My friend Guil has three commercials on the air right now. He’s the Sprint kid with the flowers in the rain trying to say “Ilove you.” He’s in a Mercedes commercial I haven’t seen, and he’s the video store guy in the My Big, Fat Greek Wedding DVD commerical. The guy deciding to rent the movie? That’s my friend Todd, husband of one of the women in the show. And the other video store clerk is a friend of another girl in the show. We dominate that commercial with our six-degrees of separation.

And everyone else is finishing scripts or working on shows or landing agents, and it’s just a really nice thing to see all of our hard work start to pay off, even in the little ways, even when it’s the excitement of buying a tabloid, or the rumor that our show was mentioned on the Imus radio show. I’m sure that’s a complete rumor, but even the rumors are exciting.

My friend Andi was in town for the past week and it was so much fun to have her here. We had so much fun, in fact, that we never remembered to stop and take a single photograph. She was our guest for the weekend, and she was so damn funny. “Can we keep her?” one of the girls in the cast asked.

It feels different without her around today. I can’t believe how immediately comfortable it was having her around every day. It made sense, all of us driving around, going to the beach.

I was driving along PCH as Andi and Jessica watched the water over my left shoulder. Then one of them shouted, “Look, look, look!” Then they both started applauding, simultaneously yelling, “Yay!”

I pulled over, narrowly missing our demolition by an 18-wheeler. There was a school of dolphins making their way across the water. The sun was going down and two surfers were inching their way towards the quiet animals. It was beautiful.

And now I must go indulge in the magic of leftover pizza, one of the few absolutely perfect foods.

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