gettin’ mighty tired

I have worked enough on the new revision of pamie.com that i really am sick of my webpage today. Just sick of it. The domain transfer should be completed by the end of the week, with the new forum ready to go. I’m still working on changing the links.

And the big news: pamie.com is now an affiliate of chickclick.com.

A banner will run in the top corner of the page. That will be the only difference. All content stays, I’ll still be updating the same. Newer, prettier forum that will have more security.

This is a good thing.

I promise.

But since I’m working my butt off getting it ready for the changes, when I get down to writing a new entry, I get tired.


The Bad Dog Comedy Theater opens this weekend. We’re doing private performances this week. I love the new space. It’s great.

Man, that’s about it.

So, to compensate, I offer you this gift. Fan Mail. If you can’t figure out who’s writing this, you’re dumb.

I just called you dumb. I didn’t mean that.

It’s my grumpiness talking. My fingers hurt from typing.

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