It Never Fails

explaining my late update

I get sick every single time I travel to Connecticut. I don’t know why. This has happened since I was a little girl.

So, today, I’m sick. Some kind of chest-cold thing that makes me talk like I’m Christopher Reeve. I start talking and then I run out of breath and I have to kind of wait a second to get a big enough breath to talk again. It’s terrible. I’m hurting.

So, I’m taking this time to continue working on the move. It’s soon. The New and Improved (but not really all that different) site will be up and running sooner than I had thought. So, I’m busting ass getting it ready.

Since that seems like a lame excuse if you don’t have anything else to read around here, here’s a link to last week’s webhead.

And here’s an old blast from the past: did you ever read my piece on Rags to Riches for Boobtoob?

I do have a peeve, though. Christopher Reeve. Sally Field. Not “Christopher Reeves” or “Sally Fields.” I hear people screw up their names all of the time. ALL OF THE TIME. I guess people are used to hearing their names in the possessive form or something. But it drives me nuts to hear that pluralization on their names. Seriously.

I’m cranky. I get that way when I’m ill.

The wedding was wonderful. I’ll actually talk about how great it was after I can breathe. Maybe tomorrow I won’t be such a grouch.


I’m nasty.

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