standing quite still

last day of waiting… will i make it?

So today at work we had to read and sign a document saying we only did company things on company time… hmmm.. what is this web page, exactly? It helps me with my html… so it is bettering myself on my computer skills. It improves my typing speed… I think this is good for business, don’t you?

I may have to start uploading at night before I go to bed…

Watched Schizopolis last night. I really like that movie. It deals with language, and the realities that we create in our heads. I really like how the scenes all come together at the end in a way that we don’t have to understand the language that they are speaking, but just see how they react to the situations… I also like films where they play with the media that they have… using film to tell the story in a way that the stage or the radio couldn’t.

I got $10 worth of lottery tickets at last night’s party. I won $9. Woo-hoo! That means I only spent a dollar on my gift for the party. The big winner? Andy with the Lite Brite and nudie calendar.

Uh… so today is the last day before my moment of clarity… I start finding out about everything tomorrow… so today I don’t really have much to say. Just getting carpal tunnel from keeping my fingers crossed. Hope you don’t mind..

But if I write anything about it I’ll just drive myself crazy.

It’s the not-knowing, you know?

If Eric teases me about another great gift that he’s gotten me again I’ll go nuts. I still don’t know what I want to get him, and he’s already found several things for me. He’s just not wishing out loud so much this year, and the only things I know he wants are some CD’s, which he has already said, “Seems like a really impartial gift. I mean, if you can only get that person a CD, then it doesn’t seem like you really know them. Anyone can give someone a CD.” So there’s where I am, giftwise. Stuck. Auugh. I can’t believe I already know what to give his brother, and have already gotten his family their gifts, but I don’t know what to get him. Maybe I know him too well…

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