back in the saddle

new show, new sniffles, new nightmares…

So we are starting on our new show.

We won’t know about Aspen for another week or so, but we are starting on our next show and hopefully it will be to go to Aspen.

So pamie has put on her director’s cap again. I’ve got to come up with what we are going to be doing at these rehearsals and how I want the show to come together, and how to work around everyone’s holiday schedules…

And the dreams about the show have already begun.

By dreams I mean the ones at night, not the ones in my eyes when I blank out at a red light. Last night I dreamed the cast was stuck in this house, but it was my old house when I lived in Mississippi, but I didn’t know it was my house because it wasn’t really supposed to be my house, you know? Anyway, one of my cast members is talking to Crazy Scary Guy who is in the same room and he convinced him that it was all of our bedtimes, and he pulled me into his sleeping bag and whispers in my ear, “Spoon me, so he doesn’t think anything suspicious.” So I spoon him, because– hey, “Yes, and” as we say in improv… anyway, so he starts putting his hand under my shirt and I look at him and he says, “I’m just trying to be convincing.” And of course I’m like, “Oh, right, yeah. Good idea. You’re smart.”

And then my mother stormed into the room with my little sister and she grounded me for fooling around on my bed.

What this dream means I do not know. I only know that if I’m already having troupe dreams the first day that rehearsals start, and Aspen isn’t until April… then I may need to seek professional help sometime this upcoming year.

Speaking of Monks… I am going to be working on their website. What I need to get is our own server space, with a dedicated URL. If any of you know one that is affordable, reliable and just darn good, please let me know, as I’m going to be making a decision sometime this week.

Allergies, allergies, allergies…my nose is running, my eyes are tearing… I keep sneezing. Exactly the sexy voice I want to have when I answer the phone to talk to customers. I keep snarfing in their ears.

I had a great weekend, by the way, of relaxing and watching television. I finished a book, started my new play, had nice naps… Eric came home from work on Saturday night and looks at me on the futon. “You didn’t leave the house at all today, did you?” “No,” I smiled sheepishly, “I didn’t.”

I had never seen a look of awe and disgust quite like that before.

Oh, I can’t believe this entry has taken almost three hours to write. I’ve been a little busy at work, and a bit distracted making all my Christmas Cards and such. Plus someone left some candy on my desk so HELLO! I just keep bouncing around.

I’m so excited about Christmas shopping. I get to go next week with some of my time off and my new paycheck. I really do like Christmas Shopping. One problem: I don’t like to go alone. Hopefully Chuy will have some time off next Thursday or Friday to go with me. Here’s another problem I have: people whose birthdays fall close to Christmas. I’ve got four of ’em, man. Four. That’s a lot of double presents. And the thing is I’m never going to be one of those people who gives one gift that’s worth both. That sucks. That happened to my sister all the time. She’s five days before Christmas. She always got shafted. So now I have four people to double gift, and as you all know I have enough problems coming up with one gift for people, let alone two.

Have you ever noticed that some years you get a bunch of calenders for Christmas and some years you get none, but you never seem to just get one calendar a year? Sorry, Andy Rooney took over my brain for a second. I’m back now. I’m better.

So, anyway, I am giddy with excitement for several things that will all take place after this week.

  • I will know if we are going to Aspen.
  • I will be on vacation from work.
  • I will get a paycheck.
  • Hopefully I will get my Christmas bonus.
  • Hopefully I will get my paycheck from the anime gig.
  • I get to go Christmas shopping.
  • I have time to work on my new play.
  • I have time to visit my family.
  • Eric’s brother is coming to visit from Pittsburgh.
  • We are gonna catch a hockey game or two.
  • Vegas, baby! Vegas!

Very exciting time for all…

If I can just make it through this week.

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