1. Monica

    It’s less sad if you try to send the lyrics of the entire song to your best friend using only emoji’s, you should try it. It’s healing.

  2. Michelle Baker Willis

    I smiled so hard my face hurt. Then a giant giggle burst out of my body. That made my husband stop listening to some poker thing, which is really a miracle. Empathetic children will change the world, but parenting them is hard. And hilarious. But mostly hard.

  3. nerr

    so on the way home from work yesterday i played “Hello” again and again and remembering this conversation and that quiet “again” in the end.

  4. Allison

    What a great write-up of a conversation with a child. I recently had a similar conversation/explanation-filled car-ride with my 5-year old daughter and her friend when they listened to, and then demanded clarity on, “What’s Forever For” by Michael Martin Murphey. (Damn that Mellow 70’s Sirius channel!) The 2 Kindergartners had a lot of pointed, insightful questions and comments as I attempted to explain break-up songs and why people choose to write and listen to them. This sort of situation does produce some hella-distracted driving, but we managed to arrive home safely, though a little less innocent. Great post, Pamie. Thanks for writing it.

  5. Charlotte

    My son, as a toddler, was passionate about Carl Orff’s Oh Fortuna be played in the van…goodness, the stress was exquisite. Worst driving music ever.

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