1. i love any and all updates. i’m glad you have your mom around to help with Qwerty. that is the part that makes me the happiest. i wish you had more time to tweet, esp HItsFromMyMom. bc they are the BEST STORIES.

    and oooh Little Pam. i can’t wait.

  2. Lucy

    As someone who just ended this phase of her life – separates are the way to go for convenient baby-feeding. And, as ridiculous as the pictures look, a hands-free bustier. Really, truly. I kept thinking dresses would be convenient, but they just leave you woefully exposed. And if there’s a side zipper, absolutely not. Just put those into storage for the time being.

    • I have one of those but it’s beyond a pain to strap myself into that contraption. It sometimes takes just as much time as doing one at a time, having to position everything just right so I don’t cause… painful moments in suction. Am I doing it wrong?

      • I felt the same damn way about the strapless, handless nursing thingy. Never could do it without accidentally giving a pumping hickey to at least one side of my chest. Agreed, separates are the way to go. I even made a couple of the “Undercover Mama” type tanks to wear under less appropriate pumping tops.

        As of last week, I stopped pumping and started wearing normal clothes again, which prompted a lot of the “WOOOOO” sentiments you shared above. I could seriously use that wrap dress for my face and head, though. My coiffure and lack of makeup are just sad.

        Life IS busy, messy, and stuffed to the gills when you have a kid, and in a way that no one without children really understands. AND your Mom is around. Whoa.

  3. Emily

    I had better luck with a lanyard kind of contraption for hands free. You can rig something up with hair ties or just a string (I think I used a piece of yarn, but I also worked from home, so I didn’t have to pump regularly). It didn’t make sense to me until I tried it – you really just have to hold the pumping horns/bottles UP. The suction does fine to keep them on your breasts. I had one of those pumping bra things and I didn’t like how it squashed the pump against my boobs. I think that might be more comfortable if you have a smaller chest? I don’t know how dressy your job is, but I usually just lifted up my tshirt and stuck one of those small hair claw clips on around the neck area to keep it up (why do I have so many of those?? I have never even used them on my hair? Where do they come from?) That would probably leave a woven shirt wrinkly, but it was fine for a knit.

    (Examples: http://kellymom.com/bf/pumpingmoms/pumping/hands-free-pumping/ and http://www.pumpinpal.com/html/hands-free_breast_pumping_strap.htm)

  4. Valeri

    Well, now I need to find a babysitter for this Sunday. Because there’s liquor, right? Is your mom available?

    I think of Qwerty every time my kid turns another month old. Time flies. Is Qwerty trying to crawl, too? Because god help you.

    • Qwerty is trying to crawl, but hasn’t figured out it’s the big belly keeping everything firmly rooted to the ground. Once crawling begins… again, we’re probably going to have to just move.

  5. Tashi

    This brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy for you.

    My son sounded so much like the velociraptor in Jurassic Park I wondered if Steven Speilberg had used an actual baby for the sound effects.

  6. “It is difficult to dress for work when you basically have to be prepared for partial nudity all day every day.”

    BEST GD description of motherhood I have ever heard in my life.

    • I forgot to add the part where you’re constantly finding wet spots on your clothes in the space between your boobs and your waistband. And they aren’t from you.

  7. I’m so curious why Qwerty is neither boy or girl… You’ve always had some great thoughts on gender stuff and I’d love to hear your take on things. My little girl is just 2.5 and already getting weird gender messages from her little friends. I’m a true feminist and try to walk the line between discouraging “pink stuff” and just letting things evolve. It’s been very interesting and I do a lot of thinking…about all of it.

    And occasionally think about if I have a second and it’s a boy, what line will I walk then? I hope one way or the other we hear more about Qwerty and your mom-ness.

    • Thank you. I guess for a little while we’re being a little sheltered with some of Qwerty’s more personal facts mostly because it’s so easy to be extremely public with your personal life before the people actually in it get a chance to experience things.

      I know I’ll be discussing the sex of the baby at some point, but right now it doesn’t seem to factor into my parenting style, other than we dress the baby in all sorts of colors, which seems to drive the grandparents crazy. “But how will people KNOW if the baby is wearing ORANGE or BROWN?”

  8. I found that some of the Hot Milk nursing bras were juuuust the right configuration to go hands-free without any additional finagling. . .as long as I sat very, very still.

  9. Kristen

    Hm, I am confused about the pumping-at-work thing. Do most people sit in an office and continue to do work? I work in a cubicle, so I have to pump in the accounting storage closet (we are a fairly small company with no other options). The closet locks, so I just yank up my shirt. There isn’t a place to put my laptop, so I just hold the bottles in place with one arm and read my tablet using the other.

    • I can’t do like work-work. I have basically a thumb free for phone scrolling. During that time I rely heavily on status updates from other people’s lives.

  10. Sarah

    A sassy short haircut that needs NOTHING but shampoo is the way to go!! My hormones talked me into cutting off all my hair when I was pregnant and I discovered how EASY short hair is. I have gone back and forth from long to short a few times since then (he’s 18 now) and right now I’m back to short and LOVE IT!

    • I just grew out of a short haircut where I kept reminding myself — out loud — “I don’t like it when I have short hair because I can’t wear it back!” It’s never been an easy cut on me — my thin hair requires even more work when it’s short, unfortunately. I will not be tricked again!

  11. Terri in SF

    I don’t know nuthin ’bout babies or pumping or any of that – but – I do know that ‘absence of dignity’ is my favorite thing ever and is what caused me to follow all of y’all and makes me laugh. So thank you for that. Also loved ‘You Take it From Here’…more please.

  12. Hollie

    I feel like I already left this comment some time in the last six months, but its always relevant: it gets so much eeeeeeeasier! I also love layers, HotMilk bras (yes, the name is unfortunate but the fit is superb… 36G over here, as in “Gee, I hate my boobs”). Check out milkfriendly.com and aintnomomjeans.com for postpartum/nursing/pumping clothing ideas
    High messy top knots are in style… got enough hair for that? And I think I’d add one of those ridiculous pieces of false hair to my bun instead of a snood. REALLY, a SNOOD, PAMIE.COM??
    Everything sounds just awesome. Congrats :)

  13. ann

    Why have you camouflaged your baby’s gender and name by calling it Qwerty for your blog readers? You just don’t feel comfortable revealing whether it’s a boy or girl and what his/her name is?


  14. Heidi

    I went back to work in March (when my daughter was 1… Yay for living in Canada with one year paid maternity leave!) and have been pumping at work since then. I only pump once, midday, since my daughter is older and doesn’t need as much breastmilk as younger babies, which makes things a bit easier. At first I would be careful to wear nursing-friendly tops and dresses but I have since realized that sometimes the easiest thing is to strip down to topless so that’s what I do. The door is locked, after all, so it doesn’t really matter if my boobs are visible! So it’s liberated me from the shackles of nursing-wear. I wear anything I damn well please now, and it’s lovely! A few days ago I resumed wearing my lovely, colourful, lacy bras and the combination of their prettiness and my boobs’ newfound perkiness is a real morale booster :) Nursing bras are so frumpy and I found they provided little support for the girls… How I wore them for 14 months, I don’t know!
    Anyway, YMMV but that’s my experience! I love reading about your parenting adventures, keep up the good work!

  15. with every single page I am convinced I am doing the wrong thing,

    Yep. I know that feeling. It means you’re a writer.

    I need to read your blog more often! I remember the good old days.

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