1. PS: everybody seems to be taking this to Twitter so far. Suggestions have included:

    The cast of Sweet Home Alabama + Jessica Chastain
    Kristen Chenowith as Smidge
    AB Chao as Smidge
    Amy Sedaris as Smidge

  2. I definitely support Chris O’Dowd for Tucker. That’s exactly who I was picturing. For Smidge I’m thinking Maggie Gyllenhal and for Danielle Malin Ackerman.

  3. And more suggestions, via twitter:

    Amy Acker as Smidge? (she DID shoot down a helicopter in the last season of Alias; hence: scary). Also: teeny tiny.

    kristen wiig! for danielle. but maybe not w/ chris odowd as tucker even though i love him.

  4. Wanda

    I pictured AB as Smidge the entire book- especially the Odd Hugs and the “hatechoo”.

    Isla Fisher as Smidge. Seriously I think she could rock it. Elizabeth Reaser for Danielle.

    Or Lauren Graham as Danielle opposite Kristen Chenoweth as Smidge would be amazingly hilarious and poignant. Kind of like Steel Magnolias.

  5. Eliza

    I picture Tucker as a hybrid of Josh Lucas + Wade from Hart of Dixie. With a little Taylor Kitsch thrown in. Or Ryan Gosling. Keri Russell or Rachel
    McAdams for Danielle? For Smidge, I think Kristen Bell is teeny enough and could pull off the personality, for sure.

    • Yes! I second that. I could absolutely see Rachel McAdams for Danielle and Kristen Bell for Smidge. (Except I actually just pictured Pam and AB the entire time during the book).

    • Rachel McAdams definitely has the look and the appeal. Has she ever done a Southern accent? Kristen Bell might be too young?

      But yes, I will just cast Taylor Kitsch in the role of “Standing in My Kitchen Asking if I Need Something.”

        • Janice

          I would LOVE to see Rachel McAdams and Kristen Bell in a movie together. Or perhaps Sarah Polley for an all-star Canadian cast? Actually – scratch that. Sarah Polley should be the director. It’s just her kind of story.

  6. Leslie

    Disclaimer: I have only read the first three chapters, as I just started last night. However, just from the physical description and the dialogue in the airport scene, I was picturing Chris Pratt for Tucker.

  7. Karen

    I am so glad you brought this topic up because as I finished the book this weekend Tucker morphed into Jeffrey Dean Morgan in my head.

  8. PDXPup

    Just spitballing and/or reaching, but If you can’t get Olyphant for Tucker, maybe Chris Pine, or Joe Manganiello…

    Kate Winslet for Danielle…

    Rodrigo Santoro for Henry…

    Natalie Portman for Smidge…

  9. The problem with a lot of these suggestions, unfortunately, is that they’re too old. Lauren Graham is 10 years older than Danielle. They’ll probably have 25-year-olds playing them.

    With that said, Bryce Dallas Howard would be another great choice for Smidge. She’s shown that she can do mean and Southern.

  10. It’s very strange reading dream casts when I haven’t read the book yet. Is this a cunning plan to get me to buy and read the book as soon as possible?
    (I spent last week re-reading Going in Circles on the bus to and from Dublin, and parcelling out the chapters when I started to get near the end. I’m already dying to read this one.)

  11. I mean, it depends on the approach, no? Like, is the interest like “Sweet Home Alabama” or like “Little Miss Sunshine”? Because I could see it going either way, and casting much differently based on that.

  12. kris

    I’ve been sitting here googling names I don’t recognize.

    Love the Rachel McAdams suggestion–truly LOVE it.

    Images of Chris Pratt look just right for Tucker.

    Trying to think of Rachel McAdams’s other half…

    (And I’m sort of mad Evan Rachel Wood is no longer the age she was on Once and Again. She’d be Jenny.)

    P.S. Ditto all who saw (and heard) AB Chao as Smidge…it might be the reason I have a hard time stunt casting her.

  13. kris

    Malin Ackerman as Smidge (she can be a force of nature…)

    Or Thora Birch (when did she get old enough for this??)

  14. Cait

    I’m not sure he matches up the physical description, but for some reason I could imagine Adam Scott (of Parks & Rec) as Henry- I can see him doing being an understated, straight-man foil to Smidge.

    I second Kristen Bell as a great Smidge, and would love to see Rachel McAdams as Danielle. I feel like McAdams would be great at the comedic moments & the dramatic heavy-lifting.

    PS. Any chance of a UK leg of your book tour, Pamie?

  15. Terry

    I kept seeing Lennon Parham as Danny.

    The actor who played Bones in the Star Trek reboot would make an excellent Wade.

    Just finished the book yesterday. Swallowed it whole in two sittings. Well done, P!!

  16. Chloe B.

    I pictured Stacey Oristano (with red hair) as Vikki – she was Tyra’s sister Mindy on Friday Night Lights and is currently Truly on Bunheads.

  17. Allie

    I’m not too far into the book yet, so maybe it’s jumping the gun but here goes: I love the suggestion of Chris Pratt for Tucker. And what about Joseph Gordon-Levitt for Henry? Also I keep coming back to Sarah Michelle Gellar as Danielle even though I’m not sure if it’s a great or terrible idea. But I love it! Other ideas for Danielle: Michelle Williams in a long wig and Laura Prepon who will make whoever plays Smidge even Smidgier!

  18. “For years if I didn’t know who that person was, in the end, he or she was usually on a show on the CW.”

    If that’s the case, if you don’t watch it already? For young actors, check out “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” It’s Hollywood-friendly (Shanae Grimes, Nina Dobrev, Drake), but still totally interesting, actor-wise. My personal favorites are Charlotte Arnold and Annie Clarke, but there are also actors past and present who are so talented.

    Ditto all the votes for Kristen Bell. She can do anything, and I’d love for one of my beloved actresses traveling through her 30s to get a role of a lifetime.

    Best of luck <3

    Oh, and I'd bet you could get anyone from "Gilmore Girls," after all those recaps that even when you got frustrated by it, really painted the show in an awesome, and fittingly clever light.

  19. Molly

    Chris Pratt would be genius as Tucker! As for Smidge – what about Mila Kunis? She’s a tad young, but not egregiously so, and she’s definitely got the tiny-and-bossy thing down. No idea whether she could manage a believable Southern accent, though.

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