Ever since the shiny new redesign, whenever I let you guys know I have a new post, we somehow succeed in crashing the server. The guys at the help desk are watching right now, so feel free to click a few things.

Like, did you know I have tags? You can read all my posts about roller derby, or Oprah or flip through the remarkably popular dork tag.

Or you can flip through the OCD-skilled archives, picking a month at random.

Whatever gets this site fixed so that I can update more frequently without losing visitors because I have no tolerance for the slow load.

And for good measure: a picture of Cal.










18 thoughts on “here is a test | come try to break pamie dot com

  1. I’ve been reading old archives and everytime I click, it takes me nowhere. I don’t know if it’s because they don’t exist anymore or what, just thought this coment would help.
    p.s. Talk about flashbacks (I’m still in 1999)!

    1. We’re still updating the archives for a couple of years. 1999 is one of them, as is 2003-2004. Sara Morrison had to go ahead and move to New York, which slowed her down a bit.

  2. I get slow loads, and the clickable headers at the top sometimes overlap so you can’t see the dropdown menus…

    Yay, Cal! Has he settled into the new digs?

  3. Since the new design, my computer freezes for a few seconds when I look at anything on the site. I almost get ready to do a control-alt-delete and then it comes alive. Don’t know if that will help, but I’m reporting it anyway! :)

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