E/R Wonder Killers, Look!

I remember so much of this. And yet, did not remember the Martha Quinn.

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  1. Maria

    Holy shit. I totally remember that.

    George was the reason I watched that show in the first place!

    (Also, did you hear he’s single again? His relationships have 2-year shelf lives. Expiration date: now!)

  2. mel

    Holy crap–Jason Alexander! I did NOT remember him in this.

    Thanks for this–now I can point people to these posts when they tell me I’m nuts & this never happened.

  3. JaeElle

    I was feeling like such a wonder killer yesterday when you mentioned this show but my laziness won out over wonder killing.

  4. Tracie

    I read about this yesterday, but didn’t remember it at all….now that I have seen the video? I TOTALLY remember it!

    I’m glad you killed the wonder.

  5. Allison Lowe

    I watched this, too — it’s how I became a lifelong Mary McDonald fan. It has always bugged me that no one ever wrote about Clooney’s multiple ERs. Pam, you kill again.

  6. Allison Lowe

    McDonnell, I mean!

  7. Jane

    Hey! It’s the President of the Colonies!

  8. Lane

    I did NOT remember all the great cast members in this!
    Thanks Pam!!!

  9. Katie

    I think one of George Clooney’s four rules to aspiring actors is “Don’t let them make you wear a leather biker vest on top of your nurse’s scrubs.”