1. Kara

    I knew George Clooney was on Facts of Life but sweet Jesus, I never needed to know what season until this very moment. I… I’m.. shaking with the effort of not looking that up.

    But I shall join you in your pledge. I will go for a full month without looking that up! Probably!

    • OMG, I just did that. The ladies who are forum-posting their symptoms without Googling them for 30 days? I WOULD NEVER HAVE THAT KIND OF STRENGTH.

  2. lori

    Or my new game…rent Netflix and Google it in the first ten minutes to read the entire synopsis. I was real fun to watch The Godfather with (it was my first time seeing it). Did you know that was Diane Keeton? Now you do!

  3. mel

    You are NOT the only one who remembers Clooney in E/R. One of the many series I have been compelled to view due to my hopeless adoration of Conchata Ferrell, who is beyond awesome despite having been in some world-class crap.

    • Yes! Conchata Ferrell ruled that show. Add to the list of things I know in my head for reasons I can’t explain: The lyrics to “Love Handles,” a song Conchata’s character’s boyfriend wrote for her and sang over the hospital phone line (or maybe a call-in radio?).

  4. Susan

    Wait… wonder-killing aside, we can’t all just write for This American Life?

    Next you’re going to tell me I’m never going to be a panelist on Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me…

  5. Lori

    I am ashamed to say that without googling, I can still tell you that George Clooney did not play a dreamy doctor on E/R but a dreamy nurse, who got “straight C’s” in nursing school and was Conchata Ferrell’s nephew.

    I can tell you all this but ask me what year the Civil War started and I will draw a blank. Fail.

  6. MaryAnne

    Oh, you are not alone … I totally remember E/R … Elliot Gould and all!

    I think the first Glarkware shirt I ever bought was “Wonder Killer” – it describes me to a (forgive me) tee.

    And OK, we WKs may get some eye-rolls, but who do those same people count on to know the answers when THEY are desperate to remember what season Clooney joined Facts of Life?

  7. Jane

    @Lori, knew that he wasn’t a dr., but couldn’t remember if he was nurse or an attendant. I *can* tell you that the Civil War started in 1861 and ended on 9 April 1865, w/o looking.

  8. Katie

    I was watching the Craig Fergusion show and Kristen Bell was the guest. Craig kept mentioning things like Viva Laughlin and restaurants and she had no idea what he was talking about because he could not remember the names of anything. I remember thinking “This would be less painful to watch if she had an iPad on her lap and could just quickly google whatever he is talking about.”

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