1. 1. I kind of love that currently the most recent comments (from the sidebar) are all from 2007.

    2. This post makes me want to hug you. And Robyn.

  2. Lee

    This is amazing. I’ll be linking so many people to this. I’m so proud of You Pamie, and I know Your Dad would be too. I feel like a fawning fan boy, but so be it. So exciting to see You where I always knew You would be. :-)

    Thanks for giving us comments so we can cause trouble and stuff.

  3. Lauren

    This is exactly the kind of advice that (probably hundreds of thousands of) people need to hear–that fun, or success, or whatever goal we’ve set for ourselves isn’t a just destination, that it’s also a matter of being present for it now, too. So well put. I’m sure I will refer to this in many of my grayer moments. Thank you!

  4. verucaamish

    Speaking from the other side (working a nice stable nonprofit job), working a 9 to 5 office job is no guarantee of security. I happen to love doing nonprofit work and have done it successfully in my 15 year career but right now, my job makes me want to hurl. Literally. Getting dry heaves because of the toxic work environment. I am following my dream by being in a field that does community organizing. I have a steady and decent paycheck. And my life feels like it’s exploding because I hate who I work with. I’ve had plenty career moments where I’ve felt “this is what the universe wants you to do.” I’m in a space where i feel like “what the hell did I get myself into.” I say this because there is no “safe” profession. We take risks even with a steady paycheck. AND I have an interview tomorrow with a job I can accurately describe as DREAM JOB. Life is all about ups and downs and there’s no right path.

  5. Zowie. You had me at, “My dad missed out on a lot of what I’ve done. But… said to me… “I’m really glad you didn’t play it safe”. I seriously almost cried, but managed to stuff another handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips in and averted the situation. The need to be a writer is a condition, not unlike a disease. There is no cure. If you have to write, to survive, to be yourself, to exist, you will. Xo, fabulous Pamie and Robyn

  6. Suanne Schafer (Friend of Chuy and Kathy)

    I am a friend of Chuy and Kathy’s. He emailed you tonight that I’d be contacting you. I live across the street from Chuy’s parents. I am a family practice doc who has just finished an intelligent romance slightly on the erotica side. They suggested I contact you about getting some hints about finding an agent. Any help you could give me would be appreciated.

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