• I do this to eat the food I miss the most, so there will certainly be repeats. But where will I fall on the ground this time? WHO KNOWS??

  1. Not only will we have breakfast tacos every day but if you try to eat anything healthy I will smack it out of your hand/off your plate.

  2. I wish Austin would treat you better, Pamie. It was nice to some friends of mine that were here 2 weeks ago from Los Angeles. Maybe it can only be friendly to one set of Angelinos at a time?

  3. Coming to Austin this weekend? Come watch the birth league of roller derby! I’d love to have you as my personal +1. Let me know if you can make it! Saturday night, doors at 6, wheels at 7.

  4. Michael

    Don’t you know
    Don’t you know things can change
    Things’ll go your way
    If you hold on for one more day, yeah
    If you hold on

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  5. Gina

    So sorry to hear about the bad week. Luckily, Austin food can cure everything. I was just there last week, and basically every morning did look like that (except with tacos from Taco Shack). It was super hot but Iced Turbos helped take my mind off it with their incredibly yumminess. Have fun!

  6. Sorry to hear about the lousy week, but if there is any food that can make up for it whatever ‘fried pies’ are sure sounds like it could help.

    I need to get to Austin some time. Along with some Tums as I expect to eat a lot.

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