Tonight: Trapped in the Closet, Live at M Bar

Dear friends, the best goodbyes are in the Closet!

What can truly be said for R. Kelly’s operatic masterpiece, Trapped in the Closet? Nightmare? Genius? Stanky spewey epic? Come see the original 12 chapters performed live by Brently & friends.

This show originally premiered in LA and has traveled to NYC and back, gathering attention in the NY Times, Village Voice, LA Times, LA Weekly, CityBeat, and mo mo mo.

Join us for one special night, Friday Nov 6th at Midnight. Sing along if you can, or just come and toast the bard of the 21st century, R. Kelly.

Then, a week later, Mr. Brently relocates to Austin to start a new life as young Kinky Friedman.

So come say ta ta for now! It’s been All Things Delicious!

Trapped–LIVE by R. Kelly
performed by Brently w/ Pamela Ribon, Katey Mushlin, Jenn Bass, Jessy Schwartz, Rebecca Davis, Robertson, Chris Chauncey, Mitch Baker, Alexx Staggs, Dustin Fasching, James Leroy Brown III, Paul Feldman, Sugar Shane Laser, Jason Allen and YOU!

11/6/09 at 12:00
$10 at the door

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