2008 Dewey Donation System Book Drive Begins!

Two libraries in need. Two ways to help. Help a little; help a lot. Either way, we’re proud to announce the launch of the 2008 Dewey Donation System Fundraiser/Book Drive.

This year we’ve teamed up with the Rockhouse Foundation to help fund a brand new library for the Negril All Ages School in Jamaica, and we’re surprising the Children’s Institute in Los Angeles — an organization that helps children who have been affected by violence in their homes or communities.

You know what can happen when the right book is placed in your hands, when a safe haven opens its doors and says, “You’re okay here.” Please help pass along that feeling. Send a book, send some money, but please send something. You’re about to change lives. I know that sounds all super-emotional and extreme, but after five years of doing these book drives, I can tell you that those words aren’t extreme enough.

This time we’ve got Dewey t-shirts (!), and once again we’ll be giving away various prizes as the fundraiser continues. Keep visiting Dewey for updates, letters, and to watch the tally grow.

So, please. Go here. And please pass the word.

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