gearing up for dewey…

Things have been ridiculously hectic in pamie-and-glarkland, so Dewey might be a little later than usual this year. So here’s something you can do in the meantime for a quick karma fix.

It’s really easy, and incredibly generous.

Inspired by the spirit of the annual book drives, Chasity Moody created her own book drive for the Oasis Youth Shelter in Fort Myers, Florida. The center is a member of Project Safe and mainly houses girls between the ages of 14 and 18. Chasity’s ultimate goal is to build a library for the young adults who find themselves at the shelter, and in the meantime she’s got an idea that could use your help.

She’d like to put a blank journal in the hands of every child who passes through the shelter’s doors. And she’s so serious about this, that she’s going to match every donation that heads the shelter’s way.

If you’d like to send a blank journal to the Oasis Youth Shelter, and give a girl her own space to keep her words, visit the shelter’s Amazon Wish List. The top button is for the journals. Then make sure you send Chasity an email so she can match your donation. You can keep up with all of Chastity’s efforts at her blog.

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