still coming clean.

Amazing that we’re still, still, still talking about The Soap.

I remember the day AB and I found The Soap’s website (oh, my golly, four and a half years ago!), completely written in Japanese. We tried desperately to get that soap on this continent. I’m happy to see Arsoa’s gone ahead and made an English website, where they attempt to explain to us not just how their ridiculously pricey, yet fantastically perfect soap works, but how skin works, too:

The skin has two functions in which they work to become beautiful.

One of it is the secretion of a natural cream.

…That’s what she said.

(I just had to find Colleen’s old entry about her brother using The Soap through Google cache, because it still makes me laugh).

And now, years later, perhaps because of our tenacity, there’s this.

(You’re welcome, AB Chao. m/wp? Tomorrow at eleven my time? DEW it.)

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