1. Dammit, I was going to leave you a comment endorsing the butter knife, and I didn’t get around to it.I had a salsa jar that I couldn’t open for (no kidding) like two years, and I was convinced that it was just on there really, really tight. I asked in a recap for suggestions, and I got about thirty, and the one that worked was jamming a butter knife under the lip of the lid and wrenching it to break the vacuum. I had a feeling that the vacuum was what was ailing the glass and the mug, too. Unfortunately, the salsa by then was so old that I didn’t feel comfortable eating it, but it was really comforting to get the damn jar open.

  2. Bubbles

    Oh lord … new vet time, indeed. Poor Taylor. Life is so *hard*, man.And a big teehee on the Didthatjustkillme?.com. It’s the next big thing for hypochondriacs! I would be on every ten minutes.

  3. I just left my vet of eight years in the SFV because she was turning into a flake. I now drive to the Westside to Dr. Carlsen at Carlsen Animal Hospital (310) 445-4692. He was highly recommended to me. He is the most amazing vet. He takes time and talks to you and explains everything. He’s really careful about meds and the staff is great as well.

  4. Hurray on leaving the bad vet. He asks the drug rep whether or not to use the medicine on cats, and that’s how he makes the decision? Yeah. Time for a new vet.I’m glad Taylor is doing better. The glasses coming unstuck is clearly some kind of omen for his continued good health.

  5. poor taylor, decisions shouldnt be based on what drug reps say!congrats on getting the glasses unstuck, and your pictures are hilarious.and just wondering, is Why Moms are Weird out in NZ yet? because i really enjoyed the first book and im ready for a new one

  6. Ben

    Wow, I’m kinda glad it was so hard to get the Metacam into my cat after her recent surgery. I only ever gave it to her twice by way of doped food (as instructed), and I can only assume it was her that ate it and not the other cat.

  7. Gwen

    I don’t know where you’ve been going, but after we had a pretty terrible experience with TLC (the vet tried to prescribe Pepcid for a respiratory infection and then yelled at me when I questioned him), we started going to Beverly Hills Small Animal Clinic, and they’re incredible and professional and not at all sketchy (unlike TLC, which is always turning over their staff and also thinks the declawing ban is bad). Bonus: they’re also much less expensive.

  8. Laurel

    I was working at a vet’s office a few years ago when a drug rep kept trying to convince our VERY intelligent vet to try metacam and he voted “NO WAY” in general and then later all this information came out about how it wasn’t nearly as safe as they’d said. So glad you weren’t able to give much of it to your cat.

  9. ohhh-ho-ho my god, a bad vet is so horrible to behold. My cat was peeing blood year before last. Peeing blood! And I had just gotten a Real, Full-Time Job for the first time in a while, so I got all excited about being able to take her to a “Real Vet” instead of the low-cost clinic.I thought peeing blood automatically meant urinary tract infection, so I told the “Real Vet” that she had a UTI. I explained why though! “Real Vet” gave me some antibiotics that I had to mix myself and charged me like $50+.I fucked up the mixing, watered it down way too much, and it didn’t really do anything. Then I took her to the clinic and said “UTI? Peeing blood!” and they gave me antibiotics and said “Of COURSE we’re not going to make you mix them yourself!”That stopped it for a while. Then it started up again and I took her back. They said, “Here’s some more! They have steroids in them!” I said “omg wtf steroids?! my friend’s cat got steroids and she DIED.” They said “Ohhhh, your cat won’t DIE. We put steroids in it last time!” I said, “The hell you did.” They looked and said, “Huh.”Then they insisted that they SHOULD have (now that’s confidence-inspiring. her medicine has been fucked up twice in a row? brilliant! and the first vet didn’t give her steroids either!) and that if they were going to give her just one thing it would be steroids to reduce the inflammation.She didn’t die. It stopped for a while. Then it came back.THIS time I picked up the book my boss had loaned me: The New Natural Cat by Anita Frazier. (http://cats.about.com/library/reviews/books/blnaturalcat.htm) It was all, “Dude, there is no way your cat has a urinary tract infection. Cats barely ever get those and if they do it’s when they are, like, REALLY old. Not 9 or 10. She just has crystals that build up in her urine. You need to stop feeding her dry food and stop letting her free-range. No, I don’t care if she doesn’t overeat. Stop it. Smelling the food changes their body chemistry in this way where their blood gets alkaline if it’s out all the time and then crystals build up. She’ll be fine.”So I read that and took her to a third vet that actually came with good recommendations, and told him what the book said, and this vet was all, “Yeah, there is no way. We’ll give her a sack of saline water stuff under her skin” (not his exact words) “and you switch her to wet food and she’ll be fine.”And it has never, ever happened since.I say go get a copy of that book.

  10. Lizbeth

    Just as a note to the info provided by the previous poster, if this happens to your cat, you don’t have to stop feeding your cat dry food – you just need to switch to dry food with a low ph. My cat had this happen a few years ago & as long as I keep him on the low ph food, he has no problems. One time I tried to switch to just a regular indoor formula & within a month he started peeing blood again. Back to low ph food – all better! This type of food is usually labeled as “urinary tract maintenance” formula.

  11. JenX

    What research are you doing on Vioxx? My Mom and Stepmom were both using it (knee that needs replacing and a metal rod in an arm) and miss is. It was the only one that worked well for either of them and they say they’d both take it, regardless of the potential risk.[JenX, there’s a lot of information here. -p]

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