In Why Moms Are Weird info…

until I have time to write a proper entry…

U-Wire calls it an “eccentric read.” I’m not sure what that means.

“If you like chick lit with an edge and a slightly darker side, Pamela Ribon’s Why Moms Are Weird will be the perfect end-of-summer read. Her story of a young woman going home to deal with her disturbed family is twistedly witty. The author’s decision to add a sprinkling of romance keeps it just light enough–take it on the plane and you won’t mind the delays.” — Freemont Place Book Reviews

“I thoroughly loved this novel, the style, the writing, and the chapter breaks. If you haven’t read Ribon, do yourself a favor and check her out!”– The Loud Librarian

Finally, Si gives her account of my recent reading in SF. I made her take a second picture with me because I was sure my eyes were closed in the first one (and they were). Thanks, Si! It was good meeting both you and Stevie B. And while you might have been kicking yourself for what you didn’t say, I always think later about what I should have signed in your book. So we’re even.

Hey, please come see me next Friday night, September 22nd, at the Barnes and Noble at The Grove, with special guest, AB Chao.

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