Beyonce: B’Day

Song: “Ring the Alarm

Well, my girl-crush on Beyonce is holding strong.

I think I’m going to find a way to have this CD be my companion on my long drive tomorrow, or at least on the drive home. It fits well with the music I’ve been blasting lately.

I’ve got Peaches, and I’ve got Kelis. While they’re both good for blatant lyrics and beats that make the time pass, they don’t get angry. They’re prissy and haughty and good for feeling above all of it. Peaches is sassy where Kelis is bitchy, and they’re both good for a quick trip from one end of town to the other where I just need a little pep talk that I’m working it and doing it well.

But when I need to make it through Cow Town, the stretch of the 5 populated with thousands of cows, the only thing that might take my mind off the smell is learning the lyrics to whatever Beyonce is crazy-pissed about now.

I’m going to ignore the fact that Beyonce kind of named her new album after a toiletry aid, and assume it’s supposed to be pronounced like there’s a hyphen where she put an apostrophe. This is the stuff I do for love.

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