updating without a story, just facts

This is an entry purely because you have been emailing frequently (and wonderfully, thank you) to inquire about Taylor and other things that have been going on.

Taylor is sacked out next to me looking quite happy. We won’t test him again for another month — the vet wants to see if the DM special diet fixes him, which apparently can reverse the effects of diabetes and make him completely better. All the cats like to eat the DM, so we give the other two tiny bits. Never before has it been so clear that Taylor is the alpha cat than watching the way the other two cats let Taylor browse each bowl, eating whatever his little heart wants.

And as for the R Kelly show, it sold out again, and hopefully we raised a nice bit of cash for PFLAG. This time the puppet’s head came off during the fist fight, so if they ask Brently to do this show again, we’ve got some maintenance to do. [Maintenence is a word I’ve never spelled correctly, and this program doesn’t allow for the lazy spellcheck, so I’ll spell it both ways and even a third — maintainance — because now it looks like a word I made up.]

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