really? really?

I was all set to write the cute little entry called “cancelled/not cancelled,” which was about my pro and con lists for what might happen with the rest of my year and into April, based off of what ABC wants to do with Hot Properties. It involved visiting friends, reading books, getting an oil change, finally seeing the dentist and renewing my membership at the local gym so I can start swimming again. It also involved being very happy to have no time for anything other than work, because I’m finding the work to be something I might be good at, so I really don’t want it to end. Mostly I don’t want to get cancelled because I’d miss the people I work with an awful lot.

But whatever. Fuck it. I don’t really want to write that entry today.

Because stee’s car has been stolen.

We’ve spent the day driving around as if we’d be able to find it, as stee loves this car in a Timmy and Lassie way, so he let himself be led where the car was calling him. The car ultimately called him to a Chop Shop on San Fernando Road. We didn’t go in because the wreckage was a little too disturbing, but stee’s got a feeling he’s not going to see his 88 Honda Civic anytime soon.

I’ll let stee take it from here. It’s his car to mourn; I’m just pissed on his behalf.

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