With the Lights Out, It’s Less Dangerous.

My favorite part of the article Dan just quoted is this:

“Office workers took the opportunity for an extended lunch as police and fire sirens echoed in the background.”

And that’s how LA handles it. “Sweet! Extra lunch, dude!” But writers, we can write on paper, so there was no lunch break for us. In fact, the only way I knew what was happening was Chito calling me from San Antonio. He was watching the news, and he let me know when it went from a possible terrorist attack to some guy at DWP going, “Red wire or blue wire? Which one? Fuck it. I’ll try red.”

I knew stee was stuck in a movie theater when the power went out. I also thought about Couch Baron, who was with him, waiting for his short film to be screened at a festival. You travel all the way to Los Angeles to see your short in a festival and what happens? All of Los Angeles shuts down just when you’re about to premiere. Hol-lee-wood!

Mostly I spent the blackout wondering how much longer we were going to be stuck at work due to the fact that cameras can’t run, lights can’t light, and scenes can’t tape if the entire set is dark. Luckily we weren’t stuck without power for very long.

So I mentioned before we’ve launched a Worst Mix CD contest. Playing on my iPod right now is a song we all agreed should be on there, but because we all own it, either we each have to put it on our mixes to thwart competition, or it’s pretty much off-limits for the rest of us. This song is Sting’s “Russians.” This song played when I was running the other week. Nothing screws up your pace than laughing at lyrics, while slowing down from the waltzy schmaltz.

My car, with its Longhorn emblem, has been the subject of much discussion lately, when I’m parking my car or going through security checkpoints. I need to be more up-to-date on sporting events, because it’s making me look like a poseur. Hook ’em, Horns. Sorry I haven’t had time to turn on the television. That’s why I have AK and BK, dammit. [Hey, AK. I haven’t listened to your “Ultimate Rolling Stones Mix” yet. I’m a bad friend. Also, it’s a CD with nothing but the Rolling Stones. I kind of have no excuse, because right now my iPod’s playing Toto’s “I Won’t Hold You Back.”]

Here’s a random collection of thoughts I’m going to pretend is an entry. This is unfortunate, as it’s a new fun fact at work that I write this thing. Chances are a couple of them are going to stop by to see what it’s all about. Hi, co-workers. I swear normally I’m more interesting. Ish. But I spent all day writing jokes for you. So there. Open your front door. There’s a new script.

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