Foo Fighters: In Your Honor

Song: “Free Me

It is no secret that Dave Grohl has been my imaginary boyfriend for some time. He’s been number two behind Johnny Depp for close to a decade now. Someone asked me at work the other week to chose between the two. I answered, “My husband is the perfect combination of the two.” This caused groans at the writing table, and for me to hide under the table, but I was speaking the truth.

I remember a few years ago when Allison called me, right when stee and I first started dating. They had just seen a Foo Fighters video, and Chris turned to Al and said, “He looks just like stee. No wonder.”

But allow me, for a second, to just go on about Dave Grohl. (hi, stee!)

There’s his voice. The growls and groans and wails hit right at my heart. When he is sad, I feel it everywhere. Someone made Dave very sad at one point, whether it was Kurt or his ex-wife, or wherever the huge pain inside of him comes from (fine, fine, maybe it’s heroin), but whatever it is, it makes him write the most wonderful lyrics.

“My Hero.” “Everlong.” “Best of You.” Whatever it is that’s wailing out of him, I get it. I hear it loud and clear.

There’s also the fact that he’s quite funny. When I saw Foo Fighters in concert several years ago, the microphone was falling as Dave was singing one of his songs. Instead of pulling a Billy Corgan and walking out of the place, he just limboed down, lower and lower as the microphone sank on the stand, until he was playing the guitar on his knees, lying on his back, with the microphone resting on his chest, never missing a beat. Awesome…. Oh. I just searched my own website, and saw that I wrote pretty much this entry here. So, I guess go there for everything I was about to say.

Dan pointed out that I’ve been recently repeating myself. Apparently Spiders on Spiders is a repeat story as well, back when I was more secretive with real names. Sorry. Thousands of stories. Odds are I’d repeat one from time to time.