This Is Not Over: The Mission Statement

So, in case you missed it: Bush won. Now what do we do?

Well, funneling a hive of killer bees up his pantleg is probably out, but I think you’ll agree that we have to do something. The 2004 elections saw an across-the-board loss of ground for liberals and progressives in the American government, and the current administration has already declared war not only on Iraq under false pretenses, but also on gay rights, civil rights, First Amendment rights, privacy rights, reproductive rights, the environment, the middle class, education, health care, kittens, and your mama. It’s not going to get any better in the next four years.

But…what can we do?

Well, we can feel depressed…but we can also pay attention. Many liberals thought that surely common sense would prevail in the 2004 elections; surely Bush would get ousted and we could pull the country’s leadership back towards a saner and more centrist position, if only we voted.

That didn’t happen. So, we’ll have to do more. We’ll have to write letters; we’ll have to make phone calls; we’ll have to get and stay more aware of the issues; we’ll have to get much more organized in our efforts to hold the line against theocratic bullshit.

This Is Not is a great place to start — to look for links to helpful organizations, to read up on the issues that interest you and find out how you can effect change in your area, to write us and ask about resources, to figure out what the hell Dennis Hastert actually does.

We’re still fleshing out how it’s going to go. We welcome your suggestions.

But do not give up. We have not yet begun to raise hell. This is not over.

Go see the new headquarters for ass kicking.

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