i need more sleep

The only thing people hate to read more than a list of what someone did all day is a description of her dream last night, but suck it.

Stee and I were sitting on the floor watching CNN and it said “WAR attacks!” We were watching people flee Atlanta, and there were planes bombing. Buildings were on fire. CNN told us that this would certainly be our last night alive. I thought about my family, and how I was with stee and we looked at each other and decided to make some phone calls. I got out some kind of Blackberry pager and it said “Party Commits Suicide.” I look back on the television and CNN is announcing that the attacks on America were the Republicans. Their anger from their convention had turned into a riot and then a full-scale attack. The Republicans had decided, apparently, that if they couldn’t have the country, nobody could.

In a moment that makes me wonder what exactly is in my head, a soccer mom kicked a soccer ball high into the air and it exploded, sending people running through the streets. Men in suits were para-trooping onto the streets of Atlanta, shooting guns and tossing grenades left and right.

I called my dad. He said, “Pam, I think the members of my party are about to make a terrible mistake.”

“Dad, I think they already did it.”

“How did you know?” he asked me. And forgive my brain here for what it made Dad say. “How did you know Reagan was so evil? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Oh, Dad. You couldn’t say anything about him once he got sick. Then he was some kind of hero and nobody would think about the bad stuff he did.”

“That’s true.” Then he asked as if the world wasn’t ending tonight, “So are you going to this thing later for your sister?”

“What thing?”

He made a frustrated noise. (This is so Dad, by the way.) “You mean I’m the only one who has to go to this thing? Robin is supposed to be there… We’re meeting your sister’s new boyfriend tonight. Why don’t you have to go?”

“Dad, I’m pretty sure nobody has to go now.”

Then there was an explosion, and I woke up and forced stee to hear this dream because, man. My head is weird.

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