1. Juliette

    You are not a wonder killer. I don’t think there is such a thing as a wonder killer. When people ask questions to “wonder” about they are wonder killing them selves. They are sitting there coming up with possible answers to their question, either in their head or out loud with friends. Either way they are coming up with an answer themselves. All you are doing is providing people with your answer, which when it is not fact based is the same thing they are doing and when it is fact based then you are simply answering a question that was asked. Similar to google answering a question or search you type in. You are simply showing that you are intelligent and know things. If they are mad at you for this, or think you are wonder killing, I would be very inclinded to believe that they are jealous of your knowledge and of your confidence in that knowledge even when it isn’t backed up with facts you are completely sure of.

    Be proud of yourself and your ability to answer questions and be proud and happy to answer more of them as they come!

  2. […] Why Moms are Weird is by internet sensation Pamela Ribon. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Ribon, she is a blogger who used to work for Television Without Pity, which I discovered through Damn Hell Ass Kings, which was home to the first bloggers I ever read, of which Ribon is one. I apologize for that sentence. I suppose I could go back and edit it but NOPE moving on. Pamela Ribon, along with being a famous blogger and one of the founding members of TWoP and DHAK, is a television writer and novelist and, you know, more importantly she also created one of my favorite terms of all time, “wonder killer.” […]

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