evany loves me

And I love her. I spent part of this week pretending I don’t stalk her. Luckily she feels the exact same way about me. Except Evany fails to mention the devil-eyes she gave me when someone asked how we knew each other. Evany stammered for a second, and I said, “It’s okay, you can tell them we met on the Internet.” I figured she didn’t know if I wanted everyone to know I have a website. I had mistakenly assumed that everybody knew the web hottie Evany was. But the next question out of everyone’s mouths was: “Evany! You have a website?!?” And then she quickly changed the subject, shouting, “Weezer! Look!”

Sorry, Evany. Didn’t mean to out you.

Why’m I online at this hour? I’m looking up directions. I have plans! I do! But then I saw this, and that’s what blogs are for.

Now: I’m off. To someplace fabulous. Ha-heh! (I’m still speaking in Party Monster mode.)

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