Check Out My Slack-Jawed Awe

So I’m getting with the program. I’ve created a blog. Why? Well, because some days I don’t feel like updating four or five pages just to write an entry. Some days I don’t have much to say, and when that happens I’ll avoid updating completely.

I shouldn’t limit myself.

So here’s where I’ll jot down the little things, the tiny stories, the funny bits I don’t want to forget. Here’s where I’ll remind myself and let you know that I’m horribly behind in my email, and if you think I’m ignoring you to create blogs and learn Blogger stuff and revamp stee’s site, then yeah, you’re right. But at least you know I’m feeling guilty about it.

There’s an unfinished script a few feet away from me tapping its toes, too. Sorry, unfinished script. I’m sorry that I let myself get caught up learning web software from two years ago rather than give you the attention you deserve.

Aren’t you excited? You get meaningless little tid-bits of non-information instead of one carefully crafted journal entry every few days!

That’s what a blog is.

Now there’s no confusion. This is the blog. That is my journal.

I love them both.

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