I’m pamie.com, and you’re not.

Scandal! By the time I found out about this (through my referral logs), Dearest What’s-Her-Name had already taken down the site. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen my stuff stolen on other sites. One time Beth helped me out with some girl in Hong Kong who stole the entire Lillith entry and changed the name to her cat. That’s messed up, stealing a dead cat story. I don’t ever want to have that kind of karma.

(If you don’t have TWA access, the thread’s about a LiveJournaler who was stealing from several other journals and posting the entires as her own. If you don’t know what LiveJournal is, I can’t help ya.)

But I guess this proves one thing: Dana, InvincibleGirl, Omar, PG, Uncle Bob, Anna Beth and I are no Journaling Cabal, if it took this long for her legions of fans to figure out there was something funny going on.

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