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Mostly this entire entry is to brag that my friend is on this week’s Will & Grace. He’s the man Madonna will rub her ass on. Yeah, his leg? It’s had Madonna’s ass on it. It’s the coolest leg I know. He’s also the husband of one of my Anne Heche crazy ladies, so you know he’s got good taste.

If you’re planning on attending the Book Expo, they put up the autographing schedule. It’s a big ol’ pdf, but if you go here, you can see when and where I’m signing.

Yesterday I got a phone call from the publicity people. It seems when they called the bookstore in Katy, Texas, yesterday, the woman who answered gushed, “Her mother was just here talking about her!” So, the next time you’re in a bookstore, watch out. My mom’s pimpin’ my stuff. She doesn’t take no for an answer.

Yeah, that’s all I got for today. Cal asked me to thank those of you who have been sending him fan letters. He’ll try to address them all when he gets some spare time.

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